Google+ Collections: How To Use Effectively In Your Business

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Digisha Patel | October 25, 2016

If you have heard of Google+ Collection and are planning to use it, you are in good company. However, if you don’t know what it is, we are here to help you out with our “Everything to Know about Google + Collection List”.

Google+ collection in business

First, this is not rocket science, but rather a collection of your favorites sites. It is not unlike Pinterest boards, where you define your likes and subjects within certain boards. Although it is not exactly like Pinterest, it is the closest comparison. Call it more of an interactive magazine that won’t only feature content, but will also stoke conversations with people who are likewise interested in certain topics. We hope now you have a basic idea what we mean.

For everyone who is not using Google rigorously, we wish you start it as early as possible, as it is already turning the tables on the definition of social media marketing.

Here you have an opportunity to have specific groups targeted. Start by categorizing the posts, videos, and photos the way you want them to be. If you are hesitant about creating the Collection and really don’t know where to proceed, I have good news for you. Google has already released a description GIF that will lead you to a successful first collection. Click here to have access to a great example to what I am referring.

With the help of the image below, you can start with the creation.

Create collections

A dialogue box will appear here and you will have to fill in the name here.

Improve marketing

While creating your collection, you can think of blog posts, infographics, and podcasts. It is going to be a great support structure for you as well since you can link people to the same niche. So, as you become familiar with Google+ Collection, it is time to improve your online marketing strategies with the help of this astonishing feature. In order for you to be more precise with your collection creation, here are some wonderful best practices to follow:

1. Keep Your Specific Tips Under One Collection

Does your audience seek more valuable tips? If so, then you need to organize your content into a collection. Your first step should be to determine a way to start your new collection. Make sure you move ahead diligently. These are going to be your most important decisions in setting up the "game board".

For instance, if you are a photographer you will have to create specific collections for every theme. Camera types, photography tips, weddings, and even aerial views should all be divided into all different collections. However, sharing content manually on all collections is arduous task. If you want to save your time by scheduling or sharing your content on collection, SocialPilot can help you effectively. By using SocialPilot, you can easily connect multiple Google+ collections and share content that helps make your presence known and easily grow your network.

However, you should not be over-specific with your collections. It is said that when it is about Google+ Collections, rather than being too specific, its best to go a bit general. Being too specific may narrow your audience down to only a very select few, and will minimize your impact. A larger audience will be attracted to your account if you choose the right selection.

Collection previews

Once done with the campaigns, the next task to accomplish is optimizing the collection’s image, color, and size. The images appear in both the Collection page and the Collection Shares and also in Featured Collection previews. Although there are default images for optimizing the collections, it is best if you use your own custom images. If you have a broader theme, there is a chance for broader appeal too. In fact, this may assist the chance to increase your followers in the near future.

2. Document Campaigns

Just like you used Facebook and other platforms for promoting certain campaigns, Google+ Collection can be utilized to document various events. It is a great tool for organizing all events and to promote your content in front of the mass. Starting from the blog posts that of your campaign videos and image, you can plan and post everything here.

Campaign managment

All sorts of social media campaigns, contests, and promotions can be handled with this campaign management tools. This allows you to connect with a wider audience. Instead of messing up with your current followers, you can focus directly on the relevant ones.

3. Organize Ideas

To reduce the "noise" on your account, you will need to go somewhat specific with your ideas. Use a Collection to target a specific segment of the potential audience. Without being too specific, you'll need to let your ideas flow in the right direction.

Here is one example of Collection ideas:

Collection ideas

Suppose you have been promoting a wedding blog, and you find it needs to have ideas properly collected and creatively described. Showcase the height of your creativity with your Collections and ask yourself these questions:

    • What content you should go for?
    • What should be the best title?
    • How often do you need to post?
    • What approach you will be taking to share the content?

You can share the contents with the public as well as in the circles you permit. Once published, move the content to a Collection you want it to be in. This opens up the road to niche creation as well as permission marketing.

4. Categorize Services and Products

I have seen companies often make mistakes by not using or showing their products and services on their social pages. It is a fact that this single mistake often costs a lot for these companies. Potentially, it may push them backwards in terms of the lead generation as well as conducting effective campaigns.

You should make sure that as a company or business, you must have some services or products to showcase all your social campaigns on various social networks. The best way to accomplish this is to use Google+ Collections. This tool enables you to share your product images and how-to guides in a very effective and categorized collection. If you are a the owner/operator of a service company, you can share ideas on how to use your services and better explain the benefits of each of your products for the consumer. Social Pilot is another tool which not only enables you to categorize your products or services but also provides efficient product posting services.

Categorize services and products

5. Sort Keywords

There is no doubt about the efficiency of Google in providing keyword specific results, and unsurprisingly the case is the same with Google+. One should never try to undermine the efficiency of Google+. People search with keywords on different social networks and Google+ is no exception.

It is very important for a company or business to strategize your G+ collections with keywords. For example, in case you are offering online sports accessories for the sports person, try to use keywords such as “how to get the best sports gear” or “where to get sports gear”. This will not only bring you more leads but will also generate more attention to your collections. It is important for you to use as well-researched keywords related to your work and use them effectively on Google+. To get a better understanding on how this works, let us follow this with an example.

We searched for the keyword “onpage seo” on Google+ and we obtained the very first result as a collection. With this, you can easily imagine how well it works for content discovery on Google Plus.

Use keywords

Google keyword planners prove to be efficient for this purpose too.

6. Inspire Customers at All Stages

A potential business or company has customers at all stages with each of them looking at the company with a unique perspective and expectations. It mostly depends on how you inspire customers at all stages which can turn them into an existing customer. Inspiring your customer is as much important as any part of your online campaign.

You need to make certain that throughout the social pages there are dedicated and varied niches that can attract customers and individuals of various stages. It is certain that you can come across potential customers, current customers, and former customers who can be searching for that piece that meets their precise expectation or nature. Hence, it is necessary that through your social pages you create specified content that targets all customers of a specific market segment.

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SocialPilot is one such tool that helps you create content for your visitors by giving content suggestions based on the types of the people who visit the social page. It also enables you to create engaging content while at the same time making it available, according to the given niche or platform for your users.

Google+ is certainly one of the best social handles around. It is necessary for you to make sure that your strategies and campaigns are walking hand-in-hand with Google Collection. Make sure that your action plan is represented in equal importance by all characteristics of the strategy. With a proper strategy at the place, you can soon convert possible customers into real customers.

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Digisha Patel

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