How to Share Your Feedly Articles to Your Social Media Profiles?

How to Share Your Feedly Articles to Your Social Media Profiles?


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It doesn’t matter if what kind of business you run. Whether it’s selling goods or providing services, social media presence is very important part of your marketing strategy.  Therefore, to keep your targeted customers on your social media profile, you need to work on proper marketing plan. Subsequently, in my previous post, I have explained various tactics to improve marketing strategies. These strategies not only help you improve business interactions, but help you use your current customers to get new ones.

An important aspect of your marketing plan is to define proper content sharing strategies for your social media profiles. Therefore, you need to be able to share interesting and relevant content at right time. This way, you can easily expand your prospective customers reach. Additionally, this will help you interact with them and improve your brand’s visibility like never before.

Feedly is one of the best tools to get latest and interesting articles out of many websites and blogs from various industries. Hence, if you sort out proper method to share great content with your customer, you can crack the hardest part of content sharing strategies.

Sharing Feedly content with SocialPilot

SocialPilot can let you share Feedly content on your various social media profiles with the help of Zapier. Here are the steps to connect your Feedly account with SocialPilot.

1) First, create and login into your account at

2) Second, click on “Make a Zap!” from header menu. It will open a page to define your rules for Feedly and SocialPilot links.

3) From “Choose a Trigger App”, select Feedly and then choose any desired trigger rules from “Choose Trigger” options.

Choose a trigger and action

4) Now from the “Choose an Action app”, select SocialPilot. Then, select the most relevant action that best suits your content sharing strategy.

Choose an action app

5) Next, click on the “Continue” button to connect your Feedly account with Zapier. Clicking on “Connect a Feedly account” will ask you to provide any nickname. Click on continue button and it will take you to Feedly website for authentication.

Connect your feedly account with Zapier

Feedly with SocialPilot

6) Once you finished logging in and authentication steps, your Feedly account is ready to use and connected with Zapier. Now it’s turn to connect your SocialPilot account.


7) Clicking on Continue button, will ask you to connect SocialPilot account. Just as with the previous step, provide a nickname for this account and go ahead with SocialPilot authentication.

Connect SocialPilot account

8) Next, now it’s time to filter which type of content you want to share with your audience. Based on your trigger selection at step 3, you will get different option. In my example, I have selected “New article in Category” as trigger. As a result, I get an option to select any one category I have created in my Feedly account.

Trigger selections

9) You have decided which articles you want to share from Feedly in previous step. Hence, it’s now time to select your social media account configured at SocialPilot. Also, you can even select groups you have created in the SocialPilot app. By this way, you can share the same articles in multiple social media account setup in respective groups.

Share article on social media account

10) The last step is to test. Hit “Test zap with this sample” and it will add the latest article from Feedly into your SocialPilot content sharing queue.

11) Lastly, turn Zap on. Hurray! You are all set. Now whenever any new articles publish in your defined category, it will immediately be added into SocialPilot’s content sharing queue.

Like with the above Zap feature, you can create similar Zaps to share articles and contents from various categories to boost your social media marketing. Isn’t it easy? Give it a try!

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