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How to Make Your Mobile App Go Viral: ASO & Marketing Strategy

No matter what kind of mobile app you’re designing, whether it is a game or a utility, it makes sense that you want to reach as many people as possible so it can get exposure and create buzz. In other words, you need that app to viral. When an app goes viral, it brings in a lot more money, which is why so many app developers are working on their app’s virility. There are lots of great strategies out there, and we’ve gathered the best of them here to help your app go viral.

How to Make Your Mobile App Go Viral

1. Design an eye-catching icon:

The very first thing visitors will see in the app store is your icon. That’s why it’s so important to hook them at this first impression. You want an icon that is graphic, bold and speaks to the app’s use. In short, you want your icon to be clickable at first glance. This icon can be used in app stores, on your website, and in-app marketing campaigns.

2. Create a strong app description:

Once app store visitors click on your icon, they’re going to want to know more about your app. This is where your description comes in. You want your description to be informative but also engaging. This is a very delicate balance. Use bullet points to list your app’s features, highlight positive consumer reviews, and don’t forget to end it with an obvious call to action.

3. Select the right keywords:

App stores are basically searched engines, so you need to make sure you’ve listed your mobile app with the appropriate keywords. These keywords should be the queries people might type into the store search bar in order to find an app like yours. It’s important that you also use these keywords, if at all possible, in your app description.

Select the right keywords

Get keyword selection strategies for App Store that listed below:

4. Develop landing pages:

Although some will search for apps in the app store, others may simply use a basic search engine like Google. If this is the case, there will be a lot more content out there competing for your app’s keywords. For this reason, you’ll want to create a site for your app where you can host landing pages that lead visitors to a purchase or download. Just like your app store description, you’ll want the pages on this site to use your selected keywords in high profile locations like titles, subtitles, and anchor text links.

5. Incorporate social aspects:

If you really want your audience to share and talk about your app, you’ll want to incorporate a few social aspects. Smashing Magazine recommends offering “one-click sign-in via Facebook or Twitter, rather than with a dedicated user name and password.

This not only gets users registered quickly but lets you tap into important data to grow the network.” Then, once your mobile app has access to their friend list, you can display which friends are already using the app.

This gives a sense of social acceptance, and thus more use and shares. “Always make sharing part of the creation process, and let users post to multiple websites at once.”

6. Produce demo videos:

[embed video width="831" height="468"][/embed]
On your landing pages, you’ll want to show off some multimedia elements to grab the visitor’s attention. Screenshots of your app are a great way to give them an idea of how your app flows, but videos are even better. Take time to create a few short demo videos and publish them on YouTube. From there, you can embed them on your site and other sites. It’s important to note the YouTube is a Google partner, so hosting your video there will be great for the SEO of your app.

7. Make use of app review sites:

Once your app is up and running and you've got a few downloads, it’s time to get some reviews. You’ll likely get a few reviews through the app store itself, but it’s a good idea to submit your app to a few app review sites. Offer it with a promotional code for free so the editorial staff can use and review it.

If you've done your job right, you’ll get positive reviews and a bit more exposure. Get App Review Websites for iOS and Android Apps, Click Here!

8. Advertise discounts, promos, and giveaways:

Sometimes your mobile app needs a little help to reach the first few hundred downloads. Many app marketers use promotions to get their app attention and to reward early adopters. If your app isn't free, consider offering a discounted coupon code or even a set number of giveaways to the first 25 or so downloads. Be careful not to giveaway so many that it hurts your bottom line, but be generous enough to get the ball rolling with downloads so you can get some user reviews and word-of-mouth advertising.

9. Get listed in numerous stores:

The Apple store isn’t the only app market out there. There are lots of third part distribution sites that will list your app. Some of these are free, while others do require a small fee, and still, others take a percentage of the download purchase price. Do your homework and list your app in the stores that attract the type of audience your app was designed for.

10. Participate in content marketing:

All you have to do is create content that is relevant to your app and uses the same keywords. Then, get that content published on popular sites. There are lots of blogs out there that allow guest posts, so pick one that it’s in a relevant industry and make sure they allow backlinks.

11. Become a commenter:

When people are searching for the best app, they often hit popular blog sites or forums to find out what people are saying about the latest releases. In order to make sure your app gets mentioned, you’ll want to become a commenter yourself. Mention your app and how it’s relevant to the discussion, and, if possible, leave a link to your store page or a landing page.

12. Start a PR campaign:

If you have access to a marketing budget, be sure to set up an extensive PR campaign. Every time you release an app or update a feature, write a press release and distribute it to as many public media outlets as possible. If you can get online, on the radio, on TV, and in print publications, you'll be able to reach a much larger audience. A great PR campaign is a perfect way to establish brand recognition in your app category. As you do this, Eric from Viral Blog says to make sure you,

Mold your brand according to what your audience likes to ensure you are creating a product they don’t just need, but one they like and want to share with others.

This needs to come across in your PR campaign.

13. Invest in social media marketing:

Every app you design should have its own page on all the major social media sites. You can use your icon for the profile picture and simply reword your store description for the About section. This creates a great space for marketing your app. Be sure to post regularly and share the content you create for your app.

If you don't have time to keep up with a multi-platform social media marketing campaign, use a post automation tool like SocialPilot. It has marketing features customized for app marketing so you only have to enter your information once and set the schedule. Then, it can do most of the work for you.


14. Choose the right Ad space:

If you still have money leftover in your app marketing budget, you may want to consider investing in some ads. Google Adwords is a great place to start since it allows you to expose your app to thousands of people multiple times per day. Plus, it has a very useful analytic tool that will give you insight into who’s clicking on your ad when. Social media and app review sites also offer ad space that can target your exact audience.

15. Make updates frequently:

Because app stores often list recent app releases toward the top of their lists, you want your app to be as fresh as possible. As an app developer, you’re probably already making changes to your app for making it the better version.

Every time you finish a significant feature, update your app store feature list, description, and of course, the download itself. In some stores, you’ll need to resubmit the app altogether, but this is good because then it looks like a new app and will be listed as a new release.

If you can carry out even half of these suggestions, your app should do well in its initial stages. This is important because if your app gets a lot of downloads at first, it can become a "Top Pick" or a "Staff Favourite," which will further increase its virility. In other words, to get more downloads, you need a lot of downloads, so if you want your app to go viral, get started on your app marketing campaign now!

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