We’re all in this together

The worst crises strike at the most unexpected times and can hit us out of nowhere. The human and economic impacts of COVID-19 while terrible only tells a part of the story. Businesses and individuals all over the world are struggling and facing unprecedented amounts of hardships. In such trying times, we want to ensure that we're here to help.

Mitigating the economic and social impacts of COVID-19

It is a touching nature of our ever-connected world that in times of crises, we have always come together to help each other out regardless of the physical distance between us. That rings true now more than ever when social distancing has become a way of life for people all across the globe. In such times, social media plays an even bigger role in bringing us together and in helping foster a sense of togetherness. We want you to keep spreading the goodwill and stay connected with your audience and customers.

We’ve introduced a few measures that we believe will help remove the constraints of budgets and prices.

Discounted Plans for Existing and New Customers

For new customers, we are offering our best selling plan at $1/month. For our existing customers, we'd be happy to extend your plans or pause collections to ensure that your business weathers this storm.  

Free Plans for Non-Profits and Bloggers

If you are a blogger/entrepreneur working alone or a non-profit organization helping with mitigating the impacts of COVID-19, we’d love to assist you. We’re offering free plans to those at the frontline of this crisis so that they don’t have to worry about cost-cutting.

24x5 Priority Support & Concierge Services

We have extended our concierge service and priority support to all of our customers to help them set up their accounts effortlessly. We’ll guide you through using SocialPilot to ensure that you can focus exclusively on what you do best - communicating over social media.

Our Internal Changes

Fully remote workforce

Our entire workforce is perfectly healthy and doing well. As an early precaution, we moved our entire team to remote operations to ensure their health and well-being. Our entire team is currently working from home and will continue to do so until necessary.

No layoffs or furloughs

We’ll not be furloughing or laying-off employees during these times of economic slowdown and reduced revenues. We understand the hardships faced by employees in such times and are offering our unending support to help them wherever required.

How can we help?

If you feel that we can help you or your business in some way, please reach out to us and our Customer Success Managers will do their best to address your issues and help you with anything that you need from us.

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