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Facebook is one of the most powerful social media channels that can be leveraged to expand the horizons for your brand. The thing about scheduling brand relevant content for your Facebook profile utilizing a tool is a bit of a hassle. Every tool used out there tends to place it’s branding in one form or another on the content you post. This takes the focus off the post in some cases.In others, it completely diminishes the results that you desired.

SocialPilot takes this issue head-on and allows you to efficiently use the tool and place a personalized branding on all your posts for your Facebook profile. This ensures that you get maximum impact from every post and adds an aesthetic sense to the post itself.

This means that your brand takes the center stage rather than the default brand of the app itself. Thanks to SocialPilot’s cleverly designed Facebook App configuration, your Facebook campaigns will harness the full potential of this amazing platform.

Enhance Your Facebook Branding

SocialPilot, unlike other apps, allows you the freedom to create a customized branding for your business. A branding that defines and describes your brand, working towards strengthening its position and reinforcing the impact it makes. With SocialPilot, you can leverage your Facebook presence and channel it to create the impact and brand persona you wanted from the very beginning.

Using your custom branding on Facebook directly increases your credibility as a brand and strengthens brand communication with its audiences. This, in turn, strengthens the connections you have with your followers and fans. You get all of this with just a few simple clicks and configurations on the app. Integrating the Facebook app with your SocialPilot account helps you reap the benefits of social media mastery.
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Custom Branding helps you get Audience’s Focus

Tools that put their branding on the posts you schedule using their platform, fiddles with your audience’s attention span. The focus shifts from the post to the random branding of a tool unknown to them and once that happens all hope is lost for your campaign. To be honest, those kind of tools make you appear to be unprofessional.

We fix this and help readjust your audience’s focus on the content you create. Since you use a personalized brand name for all your posts, it enhances your brand’s presence across multiple campaigns. SocialPilot, with its personalised Facebook branding, allows you to connect with your audiences and enables them to relate to the content you post. Using your own custom branding also enhances the credibility of your brand and that throws big points onto the scoreboard.
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