What is Algorithm?

A social media algorithm is a collection of guidelines and signs. It determines the content's algorithmic ranking on a social media platform according to its chances that each user would find it interesting and engage with it. These algorithms regulate how the content is filtered, ranked, chosen, and suggested to users.

More About Algorithm

Facebook, the world’s leading social media platform, was among the first to implement an algorithm through the launch of EdgeRank in 2009. Algorithms have an impact on what we do and what we are seeing on social media. Algorithms explain how no two people see the same social content, even though they are following the same accounts.

Algorithms may sound intimidating, but there are ways you can use the algorithms to your advantage. Here are some tips that might help you flourish in the network of algorithms.

  • Post high-quality and relevant content
  • Stay current on the trends
  • Post consistently
  • Do regular analysis and find the right time to post
  • Encourage the comments, likes, and shares
  • Engage with your followers
  • Experiment with your content
  • Post more video-based content
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Organize giveaways, polls, and questionnaires to engage your followers

Given below is an example of how the Instagram algorithm shows different kinds of content in the feed of a user. The algorithm is set to suggest the posts on the basis of your interaction and activity on the application. The Instagram algorithm also states why you are seeing particular posts by mentioning statements like “Instagram suggested” or “similar to posts you have interacted with.”


Source: LinkedIn

Similarly, the LinkedIn algorithm shows you posts that your 1st connections have interacted with.


Source: LinkedIn

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are social media algorithms good?

One of the drawbacks of rapidly growing social media platforms is information overload. However, everything that is shown to you digitally is optimized by algorithms. You see what appeals to you and is significant to you. Thus, algorithms relieve the impact of excessive data effectively and without the need for human intervention.

What type of algorithm does Instagram use?

Based on your previous interactions, the Instagram Explore page algorithm presents data that it believes you'll find most interesting. The majority of the content on your Instagram Home feed comes from accounts you currently follow, but the majority of the stuff on your Explore feed is from new accounts.

Does every social media platform have the same algorithm?

No, each of the social media platforms we use has a different algorithm. If we compare the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram, Instagram ranks content on the basis of relevance, connections, interests, and popularity of content. At the same time, Facebook ranks content on the basis of the post’s quality, engagement level, content type, and pages you are following.

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