What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short videos you enjoy every day on the platform. They are easily created and viewed. They are a wonderful way to engage with your community through entertaining clips that inform, entertain, or encourage people to participate. It is the most effective approach for creators to connect with a community that shares their interests and is extremely involved.

Reels allow people to present themselves in innovative ways, explore what they love, and support anyone with the desire to be a creator to take the spotlight globally.

More About Instagram Reels

On August 5th, 2020, Instagram announced Instagram Reels, which they introduced as a “new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.”

An Instagram Reel has a duration of up to 90 seconds. You can also record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos. You can also use audio, effects, and creative tools to create engaging content and share reels on Feed.

Creating Reels

One finds a range of creative editing tools on the left side of the screen as they select reels on the Instagram camera. These tools help you create your reel, including:

  • Audio: Search for songs from Instagram’s music library or use your own original audio.
  • AR Effects: Select from a gallery of effects created by Instagram and global creators.
  • Timer and Countdown: Set a timer for hands-free clip recording.
  • Align: Line up objects from previous clips for seamless transitions.
  • Speed: Adjust video or audio speed to stay on beat or create slow-motion videos.
  • Reels Recording: Record in series, all at once, or using video uploads from a gallery.

Managing Reels

After you post a reel, you can save, share, delete, or manage it.

Other reels’ settings include

  • Who is allowed to remix your reel
  • Comment filters to control which comments are permitted on your reels
  • Account mention options specify who can mention you in the caption of their reel
  • The recommendation option asks if you want to suggest your reel on Facebook

Reels in Explore

Explore features a vertical feed of Instagram-made reels curated for you to enjoy. We can like, comment, or share on our favorite reels. Some reels are given a “Featured” label by Instagram in an attempt to provide us with original content for entertainment and inspiration.

The screenshot below shows the reel page of Louis Vuitton’s official Instagram account. The number of views appears at the bottom of every reel. You just need to click on whichever reel you wish to watch!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Instagram reel vs a story?

Reels are short videos that circulate to a large general audience, and exploring them is an excellent method to find new creators. On the reverse side, stories are solely available to a creator's followers or friends. Stories can have short movies, such as reels, images, and boomerangs.

What is an Instagram reel vs post?

Feed posts can contain photos or graphics, but they must be static images. Instagram discontinued video posts in July 2022, and all the videos individually are now reels. Posts have to have at least one static picture. They can, however, contain up to ten creatives in total, comprising a combination of pictures and videos.

How long do reels stay on Instagram?

In contrast to Stories, reels are not lost after 24 hours. Once you post a Reel, it remains on Instagram until you delete it. The best part about the Instagram algorithm is that it now favors reels over feed posts. It is more likely to promote them to individuals who do not follow you.

Can I see who viewed my reels?

No! Instagram does not show those who have seen your reel. You can only see how many views the reel has. You may also view the total number of likes and select whether or not you want to display this information.

Is 1,000 views on Reels good?

Getting 1,000 views on a Reel can be regarded as successful, especially for individuals or small organizations who are just getting started. A video's success on Instagram Reels, like on any other social media site, is determined by a variety of criteria, such as your audience size, goals, quality of content, and rates of engagement.

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