What Is iOS?

The iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple. It is the operating system that powers Apple’s iPhones today.

The iOS has evolved over the years and today integrates features and functionalities like multitasking, cloud syncing, augmented reality, and machine learning capabilities. iOS devices deliver a robust, seamless, and user-friendly social media experience. The system provides access to popular social media applications through the App Store.

More About iOS

The launch of iOS was historic as it was the first time a complete touchscreen interface was introduced for a mobile phone.

So, what is iOS? iOS stands for the ‘iPhone Operating System.’ When it was first released in 2007, it was called ‘iPhone OS,’ but was renamed after the launch of version 4. It was used to run the iPhone, iPad, and iPod until iOS 13. After that, Apple released different operating systems for devices other than iPhones.

With an optimized user interface and a wide range of apps, iOS stands out for its focus on user privacy and security. Banking on iOS features like Face ID, Touch ID, and rigorous app permissions, users can message, browse emails, and use social media without any concerns over security.

How do the features of iOS help social media users?

iOS is a convenient operating system for social media marketers, influencers, and other users, with several exciting features supporting multimedia capabilities and sharing and a comprehensive notification management system.

Here are some of the most interesting features of iOS devices:


AirDrop is a convenient functionality that enables iOS device users to share videos, photos, and other files with other iOS users nearby. Using AirDrop, you can swiftly transmit multimedia content without going through the process of emailing or uploading them to social media sites or storage platforms.

Siri Shortcuts

This iOS feature enables users to create custom voice commands for frequently performed tasks. This feature is helpful for social media platforms as users can create shortcuts for tasks such as posting a tweet or updating their Facebook status. The significant advantage of this feature is that you need not navigate manually through the apps.

Share Sheet

Share Sheet can support social media users to easily share interesting content across social media platforms without switching between apps. It is a convenient feature that saves you time and effort in sharing content on your social media.

Moreover, users of iOS can access social media easily with various iOS features, such as Siri, Apple Music, and iMessage, which have been seamlessly integrated with major social media platforms.

Here is how these integrations work:

Siri Integration

As you’d know, Siri is a voice-controlled personal assistant built into iOS devices for users to carry out everyday tasks with just their voice. But did you know Siri has been integrated into major social media platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook?

This integration makes it all easier for social media managers and other users as they can carry out tasks such as sending messages on these platforms without opening the app. Users can simply command Siri to do something, and the AI will take care of it.

iMessage Integration

The iOS operating system comes with a built-in messaging application called iMessage. The app allows users to share content from their social media accounts with anyone on their contacts while staying on the messaging interface.

Apple Music Integration

Apple Music has been developed to enhance accessibility to music on iOS devices. Instagram and Facebook are two popular social media platforms that have integrated Apple Music into their interface, allowing users to share their preferred music without switching between applications.

The image below shows the interface of iOS 16 on an iPhone.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does iOS help with social media safety?

Safety is always a priority for iOS. It offers advanced security measures for its users, including two-factor authentication and robust data protection, to protect devices from potential security breaches.

What is the latest iOS version?

The latest iOS version as of March 2023 is iOS 16.4. Apple has fixed several bugs, made security updates, and added new features in the latest update, including new widgets and emojis, home updates, 5G support, and more.

Is iOS or Android better?

The choice between iOS and Android rests on individual users’ preferences. iOS is preferred by those who want a more consistent, straightforward interface with advanced security features. On the other hand, Android offers more customization choices and a more extensive selection of apps.

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