Guidelines for Promoting SocialPilot

By applying to and joining the SocialPilot affiliate program, or accessing an affiliate link from a third party or other partners within the SocialPilot affiliate program, you agree to the following rules, regulations, and terms and conditions.

Use of Trademarks

We do not allow the use of our trademarks, URLs, misspellings, extensions, or any variation within the goal of optimizing for them. You cannot use SocialPilot brand name in the domain name of your website, including any misspellings of the brand name.

Below are guidelines to follow.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): You can not run any type of advertisement on any Ad network to attract customers. All the rewards through advertisement will be declined immediately and we can terminate our partnership.

Social Media: You may not use the SocialPilot name or any variation of our brands as hashtags, pretend to be us, represent us, or be endorsed or sponsored by SocialPilot. You may not create any account using our name or post any messages, include our materials or links to any SocialPilot account or profile. You also agree to not tag, call out, or link to our social profiles.

SEO: You may not use SocialPilot brand name in the domain name of your website, including any misspellings of the brand name. If we notice such a domain, we will ask for it to be taken down immediately, or you can and will be removed from the program, and all commissions regardless of origin will be reversed.

Advertising Disclosures

Advertising disclosures must always be present. They must appear on any and every webpage that uses affiliate links and before any affiliate links are visible. The advertising disclosure cannot be in popup windows, drop-down menus, footers, the bottom of blog posts, require a user to click to another page to read it, appear at the bottom of a page, or anywhere else that would appear after an affiliate link or where they are not easily visible.

Advertising disclosures must also always be used when promoting an affiliate link on any social media site, email campaign, or other marketing pieces. Failure to use a proper advertising disclosure will result in immediate removal from the SocialPilot affiliate program and/or all commissions being reversed regardless of origin.

We may also set your commissions to 0% and send a warning until disclosures are in place, but this is on a case-by-case basis. You as the affiliate also agree to take on any and all financial and legal liabilities or issues that arise for SocialPilot and any legal and financial liabilities or issues that arise because of your lack of disclosures to the affiliate management agency because you did not use a disclosure properly or at all.

Coupon & Loyalty Sites

You cannot promote SocialPilot on any coupon and loyalty website. When promoting SocialPilot, publishers may only use coupons and promotional codes that are provided exclusively through the affiliate program. Affiliates can find all coupon codes through the platform database if they are available. Use of exclusive coupon codes by unauthorized affiliates will result in voided transactions.

Link Cloaking

All links have to be clearly visible and not cloaked. We need to see the referring URL from the exact page the last click came from. You cannot cloak links, use redirects or show us one page but end-users the other. If you are found cloaking links, we will reverse all commissions from cloaked links, or where the referrer is not available and without warning. You may also be removed from the program without warning or notice because of cloaked links. This cannot be overwritten by any previous, future or current agreements.

No Automonetization Tools or Scripts

We treat this the same as adware. Anything that interrupts the current shopping process will not be allowed for any reason. Turning direct links into affiliate links with javascripts, toolbars, contextual software, etc. will not be allowed since it is poaching traffic SocialPilot would have had anyways.

The one exception is for new traffic and new content that is created directly from the efforts of the tool or script providers. This content will have to be approved as commissionable by the current head of marketing or e-commerce (not the affiliate manager) and the approval must exist in writing or an email. Verbal permissions will not be considered for approval.


When promoting restricted, age verified or other controlled products like nicotine, alcohol, or tobacco, you will follow all legal protocols and add disclaimers. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the program without warning and all commissions being reversed. The disclaimers must be compliant with the United State of America, the European Union, and also for any and every country your audience will be exposed to the affiliate links and advertisement.


Self Referral: You cannot shop through your own affiliate links and purchase an account, even if it is to do a review of SocialPilot. You may not refer your employers, employees, or other co-workers. Commissions cannot be split in any way between you and a referred end user. All the commissions earned on self-referrals (including your employers, employees, and other co-workers) will be voided.

You cannot promote SocialPilot on any gambling websites, websites with adult/hate/violent/defamatory content, or any other content that is considered offensive or inappropriate, and any websites that violate third-party rights and/or violate any applicable laws.

By participating in the Program, you warrant that you are not a resident of any country currently under sanction by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”), which includes Crimea – Region of Ukraine, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba. Please note that the list of sanctioned countries can change at any time; however, a current list can always be located at Participation in the Program as a resident of a sanctioned country is prohibited. You further agree to comply with applicable OFAC restrictions and to not advertise or otherwise engage in commercial activities with persons or businesses residing in countries under sanction. You are responsible for compliance with the laws of your local jurisdiction. Each Affiliate is responsible for compliance with all applicable U.S. laws and regulations.

If you are an individual, you represent and warrant that you were at least 18 years of age on the effective date of this agreement.

Right to Reverse Commissions and Acceptance Into the SocialPilot affiliate program

We reserve the right to reverse any commission at any time for any reason and without warning. We can also remove any partner for any reason and at any point in time without question. By agreeing and joining, you understand that no previous, future or current agreement overrides this. There are no guaranteed commissions, payouts, or commission levels, even if you have a custom offer from SocialPilot or an outside agency. This can and may be revoked with or without warning. This agreement overrides any past, present, and future agreements.

TOS Changes

It is your responsibility to check our TOS as we will update them on occasion, and we may not provide the dates when they will change or the details about the changes.