What does SocialPilot offer?

One Interface for All Your Social Networks

You can connect all your social profiles to SocialPilot and start posting on each of the social networks from one unified interface. You may also create only a single post and have it posted multiple times across all your social networks.

No more wasting time by posting on all social platforms individually. SocialPilot truly is a one-stop-shop for all your networking needs.
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Schedule Your Posts In Advance

SocialPilot helps you schedule your posts in advance to appear on different social networks at different times predefined by you. This way, you won’t have to be online every time you post something. You can schedule posts in advance for a week, month or even an entire year.

Also, SocialPilot lets you schedule posts in different time zones. Thus, you can engage with your audience at the time when they are active on various networks. This innovation makes SocialPilot a very dynamic app indeed.
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Powerful Social Media Analytics & Reporting

SocialPilot provides powerful, yet easy to understand social media analytics to let you improvise your social media marketing and efficiency. With SocialPilot's Social Media Analytics, you not only analyze content posted from SocialPilot, but also track content posted from anywhere on your page and social accounts.

SocialPilot also allows you to download a PDF report reflecting all your social media metrics in graphs, charts and content format. With just a click, you can generate a handy PDF report of all your social media analytics to save your time from making data presentations for your clients separately.

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Social Media Scheduling Calendar

Social media calendar helps you to visualize your social media strategy. Our calendar exceedingly comes in handy when you want to keep track of your posts that are being posted on various accounts. You might also want to check if you’re ignoring any accounts, or whether followers of a particular account are getting overwhelming number of posts.

Further, you can use the content calendar to drag and reschedule posts as well as re-share posts that are performing well. Our scheduling calendar serves as your bird’s eye view, showing your tactics in motion on the social media battlefield.
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Bulk Scheduling – Mass Planner

Have more than a handful of posts for your social networks? SocialPilot helps you upload hundreds of posts at once using the bulk scheduling option. You can create a CSV or a text file containing all your posts. You may also choose to specify the scheduled time for posting. Once the posts are in SocialPilot, you can edit, delete or move them around if you change your mind.

It’s your world; take charge of it with bulk scheduling on SocialPilot.

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Team & Collaboration

If you have multiple team members working on social media marketing and promotions, you can invite them to collaborate at SocialPilot. Every member you invite can each contribute posts and updates while you manage the releases.

Take charge as the manager of it all by reviewing and approving posts and updates before they get published on various social networks.

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Content Suggestions & Custom Feeds

If you ever run out of content to share, SocialPilot can suggest fresh and relevant content that your audience and followers will love to read and share. You can choose content from various categories such as: Business, Technology, Startups, Travel, Inspiration, and Health/Fitness among others.

You can also add your favorite RSS feeds to SocialPilot and share that content across your social profiles. This way, your audience, and followers always find interesting content from you. Fresh content is king.

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Client Management

Wait no more to get access of your client’s social media accounts. With Client Management, invite them and without exchanging their account credentials or you being an admin, you can very easily manage, share and schedule posts into their accounts as soon as they connect them with SocialPilot.

Once the client connects their accounts they can’t delete it unless you do it in your panel. No client can see your list of connected accounts, so you can manage multiple clients altogether at one SocialPilot account.

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URL Shortening

Get rid of long, unwanted, ugly looking URL’s with Sniply, Rebrandly & Bitly URL shorteners’ integration with SocialPilot. Add call-to-action buttons, badges and custom domains respectively to your links at SocialPilot.

The links will be automatically shortened once you connect a URL Shortener to your connected accounts. You can even select a default URL shortener if you want to shorten all your URLs’ with that shortener.

With your customized shortened URLs’ drive maximum traffic back to your website and boost your content reach for maximum conversion.

Browser Extension

Schedule posts on your social media accounts, pages and profiles directly with the SocialPilot Browser Extension. Very easily create posts with a single click, that very moment while you are surfing the net, Facebook or Twitter and add them to your scheduling queue accordingly. You can even share images from Canva through SocialPilot Browser Extension. With SocialPilot Browser Extension sharing and scheduling becomes quite handy.
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Browser Extension

Native Mobile Apps & Browser Extensions

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Found something interesting while surfing the web on your mobile? You can use SocialPilot’s iOS and Android apps to share this content with your followers across all your social media profiles immediately. Similarly, you can use SocialPilot’s browser extensions to share anything and everything right from the page where you find it. No more getting stuck at the desk to get things done. Read More

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