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Easy Onboarding of Team Members

Adding multiple team members at one go is easier than ever before. Invite team members in an instant with unique links that help them with quick onboarding and setting up of their SocialPilot account.

Easy onboarding of team members

grant necessary permissions

Assign Roles and Grant Permissions

Manage your social media team’s collaborative efforts by enabling different access levels, such as Admin, Manager, and Content Scheduler. Limit access for teammates so they can control only the accounts they should be working on. You can also onboard freelancers or interns as content schedulers to your team.

Get Instant Notifications On Slack

Integrate SocialPilot with your Slack workspace to get alerts on all pending actions instantaneously. Eliminate the chance of missing important email updates by always staying on top of social account disconnects, pending approvals, post and ad errors, etc.

Instant Notifications Over Slack

Streamline Your Workflow

Streamline the Workflow Process

Enable managers and content schedulers to establish a workflow where schedulers seamlessly create, edit, and schedule posts while waiting for the necessary approvals before publishing. With Collaborate on Drafts’ by SocialPilot , ensure hassle-free, real-time collaboration for efficient post creation.

Collaborate Effectively with Clients

Experience smooth communication with your clients using SocialPilot’s exclusive features for improved collaboration. Clients can open dialogue on a particular post and leave comments for actioning. Team members can also access all posts sent back by the client with feedback, make the required edits, and submit them for speedy approvals.

Collaboration Made Easy

Social Media Strategy

Keep Social Media Execution On Track

Leave errors and miscommunication behind you by bringing every team member onto the same page through SocialPilot’s Social Calendar. Teams can access a complete overview of both the content plan and individual posts to work in tandem.

Scale Your Team Effectively

Add team members to your SocialPilot account by paying only $5 per member. You can also remove them per your needs. Manage the workflow efficiently on a budget without having to upgrade your plan if you’ve exceeded your team member add-on limit. Choose a 14-day free trial of our Small Team, Agency, or Agency+ plan to enjoy this flexibility with no prepayment required.

Team Effectively

Loved by Users Like You

SocialPilot has emerged as the top choice social media management tool for more than 12000+ customers.

Jenna D.

After spending 3 weeks comparing social media scheduling tools, SocialPilot emerged as the best option. It surpasses Hootsuite and Buffer in value, cost, and exceptional customer support.

Jenna D.

Founder & Community Explorer | Life in Düsseldorf

Robin A.

The price can't be beaten and the amazing customer service you get when you experience technical issues. I've used Hootsuite and SocialChamp and they don't come close to touching SocialPilot.

Robin A.

Agency owner | Birdhouse Marketing & Design

Victoria Y.

I highly recommend this cost-effective option! It surpasses Hootsuite by providing valuable analytics for clients. Scheduling content is a breeze, and the suggested times feature is useful.

Victoria Y.

Founding President | Red Ball Consultants

Juan O.

I highly recommend this platform! Unlike Hootsuite, I can confidently manage multiple accounts without worrying about surprise billing. The impressive stats and analytics make reporting to clients a breeze.

Juan O.

Digital Marketing Director | The Click Town

Steven L

I applaud SocialPilot's lean, intuitive interface that effortlessly connects to multiple social media accounts across varied packages. This tool is indeed a paradigm of streamlined usability.

Steven L.

Marketing Manager | Watergrove Trust

Jaimie C

SocialPilot has the complete range of features our company needs to accomplish what we want - simply and efficiently. Not to mention the significant cost savings as well.

Jaimie C.

Marketing Professional

Bradford J.

With all social networks conveniently managed in one place, it helps optimizes our time, a crucial aspect for us. Constant updates with essential functionalities further enhance its appeal.

Bradford J.

Project Management Lead | DAS42

Penny W.

Switching to Social Pilot was a game-changer. My previous scheduling app lacked Instagram support which was a hassle. Now, every platform I need is at my fingertips with SocialPilot.

Penny W.

Freelance Writer | PennyWilliamsWriter

Heather W.

I can't recommend SocialPilot enough. Its user interface is a true gem—remarkably simple and intuitive. It's an inexpensive solution without compromising on quality or functionality.

Heather W.

Manager Marketing Distribution and Design | Greenphire

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