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SocialPilot brings your entire team’s social publishing, reporting, and engaging activities to one dashboard so they can save time & effort.

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Control Every Team Member’s Access to Social Accounts

Everybody having access to everything can lead to many blunders. Avoid them by assigning various levels of access to all your team members. Plus this sets a seamless content workflow wherein some members create content while others approve and schedule it.

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Share Access of Social Inbox & Reply To Conversations in Real-Time

Your team members can reply to messages, posts, and comments on multiple Facebook Pages - in real-time. This means your team can achieve better response rates without getting overwhelmed.

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Get a Micro- & Macro-Level View of the Team’s Efforts

Forget Google sheets and choose a dynamic content calendar. This calendar gives you a daily, weekly, and monthly view of all the content your team has scheduled for various accounts. Plus you can reschedule posts with a drag and drop, and re-share evergreen content within the calendar.

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Place 500 Posts in Future by Spending a Few Minutes

Schedule a month’s worth of posts - up to 500 - in bulk. Flexible publishing options ensure you can share time-sensitive posts immediately or schedule them by adding a date and time manually.

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Keep Your Eye on the Ball with Comprehensive Analytics Reports

Determine the best time to post, keep a track of audience growth trends, see which posts received the most engagement, find influencers relevant to your niche and more. Share the reports with your superiors or download them to present in a meeting.

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