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Manage your clients’ social accounts efficiently with easy team collaboration, publishing, reporting, engaging and white labeling – all in one powerful dashboard.

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A Secure Client Management Option

One of the biggest concerns of your clients is sharing their social credentials with your agency. SocialPilot removes that concern by helping you invite your clients to connect their social accounts on their own. No need for exchanging credentials.

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A Seamless Approval Workflow for Your Teams

Control the kind access you want every team member to have by assigning various levels of access to all your team members. This workflow allows the content creator to draft posts and managers to review and schedule it.

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Comprehensive Analytics Reports to Impress Your Clients

SocialPilot’s analytics reports include every metric your clients ask you about – audience activity peaks, growth trends, impression trends, engagement rates, top fans etc. You can also share and download branded reports, with your agency’s name and logo, to make a great impression.

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Manage Your Clients’ Social in a Cost-Effective Way

SocialPilot neither asks you to buy a separate subscription for every functionality nor charges you per user. SocialPilot’s agency plan to fulfill all your (and your clients’) social media marketing requirements while ensuring you spend well within your budget. Compare SocialPilot’s prices with those of Hootsuite, Buffer, Agorapulse , and Sendible.

White Labeling Solutions

Call the product your own and create an amazing branded experience for your clients. SocialPilot customizes the entire user interface for your agency – right from the domain to all emails your clients receive. Plus you can integrate other tools with the product to increase your efficiency.

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Coordinate and Collaborate Effectively

Make sure no stone stays unturned when it comes to your social media calendar.

Approval and feedback processes have never been easier with a chance to collaborate seamlessly within your team as well as the client for smooth processes/workflows. You even have the option to communicate internally without involving the client at all.

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