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Facebook Personalized Branding: SocialPilot has Cracked the Puzzle

If you're looking to build your powerful personal branding, we have cheery news for you to make your grand mark on Facebook. We have cracked the puzzle to have your own personalized Facebook branding while sharing on you Facebook profile and groups. Therefore, we are pleased to present SocialPilot Facebook Personalized Branding that will distinguish you and permit you to strive in the worldwide.

Facebook Personalized Branding:

Whenever something is post & share on Facebook using third party tools, Facebook shows its name with your post content. Therefore, it's very irritating to show someone else's brand or product name on your profile and groups. As a result, SocialPilot has taken their program a step further to allow users to have their own brand name when any content is shared using SocialPilot. Most importantly, this new feature helps to use automation tools such as ours without affecting your own branding.

How we have cracked the puzzle?

Every tool like ours uses Facebook API to share content on Facebook. Consequently, to access their API, we require creating an App on Facebook developer platform. Until now, whenever you share something on Facebook, it was shared with our Facebook App. Behind the screens, Facebook shows the name of the application that was used to create those respective posts. So, it was for that reason you usually see our brand name, “SocialPilot”, with each post.  Now with SocialPilot, you can configure your own Facebook app to schedule and share posts with your own brand name.

Facebook Branding

How to manage your brands?

  • First, log into your SocialPilot account.
  • Click on Personalized FB Branding from the sidebar under “Social Accounts”
  • Facebook personalized branding is a PRO feature. So, you will need to upgrade your membership if you are using the Starter plan.
  • Next, click on the “Add Facebook App” button to add App ID and App Secret of your Facebook App. If you are not sure how to get those details, you can click on “How do I get App ID & App Secret?” to get step-by-step guide to create and configure your Facebook app.
  • Now you are ready to authenticate your accounts to access your app for sharing. Go to "Connect Account" from the sidebar and click on Connect Profile
  • You will then see the name of your newly added Facebook App. Click on it.
  • This will take you to Facebook for authentication. It will show you the red notice shown below in an authentication popup. You just need to ignore this.
  • Great…! Finally, you have authenticated your profile with your own branding! Create your first post to share with your own branding.

Check out our below video to see how to schedule your post on Facebook with your own brand name.

[embed width="830" height="467"][/embed]

Common Question Answers

  • What is the use of “Use Default Setting”?
    You will see this option while connecting any Facebook profile. Hence, if you are not Pro member or do not want your own branding, you can use our default SocialPilot setting for sharing on Facebook profile and groups.
  • I am seeing red notice while authentication.
    No worries. You can safely ignore it.

In conclusion, we hope you have enjoyed these instructions. If you have any problems and need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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