Introducing Powerful Social Media Analytics for Facebook and Twitter

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by Jimit Bagadiya

We’re excited to introduce SocialPilot’s most awaited feature, ‘Social Media Analytics’.

We has always strived to give our users the best experience.

With the addition of Social media Analytics for Facebook and Twitter, we’re trying to keep up with our promise of helping you boost your marketing efforts!

It has been great hearing about all your achievements and conversions and it was time to help you in analyzing these victories and performances.

So we are thrilled to present our latest feature, the social media analytics, to help you improve and get even better!

Social media analytics goes beyond just doing analytics for content posted/tweeted from SocialPilot.

You can analyze your posts even if you do not post them from SocialPilot.

No switching of accounts and managing multiple windows, every marketing activity can be handled under a single dashboard.

Importance of Analytics

To bring about a marketing revolution, we must first ‘analyze’ where we currently stand.

In the competitive market, businesses have several amazing marketing tools at their disposal. It’s like trial and error if we do not analyze the results of our posts.

Keeping a track of followers, influencers, clicks and conversions is absolutely essential to filter out the best results.

Analytics is a pivotal feature that helps businesses track how deep they stand in the marketing waters.

In addition, an analytics tool enables you to identify the best platform for your campaigns.

When you know what works best for you, scale up your efforts in that direction. And lastly, if you want to improve your ROI in the long run, this feature will provide a clear insight as to where you should focus your efforts.

Facebook Analytics

Every marketing brand shares some space on Facebook, as it is undoubtedly “the” marketing platform.

We has always given our users the centre stage on Facebook, using our FB branding feature. Now with the addition of the Facebook analytics, users will have clear insights about their Facebook performance.

What is even better is that users can also use Analytics for posts not scheduled from SocialPilot.

Overall Page Analytics

Facebook Analytics is simple to understand and gives a meticulous understanding of the various performance yardsticks.

All details regarding audience engagements, demographics, performance of the posts, and active fans are showcased precisely in the form of graphs, charts, and infographics.

The dashboard is simple yet aesthetically appealing, making sure the users have the best experience ever!

Audience Growth

Audience Growth Analytics

Get to know the number of fans you have gained and lost in each day. You can see when a fan liked your page or disliked due to a post or campaign you made or whether your paid promotions helped you to get more likes or the organic one worked for you.

Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement Analytics

This feature will help you track your audience engagement on Facebook. Users can monitor and analyze the shares, likes, and comments of the audience on your posts with the Audience Engagement graph and the Engagement Insights.

You can review the graphs and compare results over a period of 7 days, 15 days, 1 month, and 3 months.

Active Fans

Active Fan Analytics

Track the exact time when your fans are active on Facebook and post content at those times. Improve your performance by using any of these social media publishing tools at times when your fans are most active!

Audience Demographics

Audience Demographic Analytics

Enhance your brand’s marketing strategy by identifying exactly who your audiences are. Audience Demographics are particularly useful for international businesses. You can work on concentrating posts for specific audiences based on the derived statistics.

Post Performance

Post Performance Analytics

The most important component of the Analytics tool, the Post Performance, highlights the intricate details about the performances of your posts.

The likes, shares, engagement and the reach of all your posts are outlined together. Use these analytics to boost your social media reach!

Most Active Commenters:: Most active likers:: Most active Sharers

Active Follower Analytics

Get close and personal with your ardent fans. Know who they are and reach out to them in person. These statistics of your most active commenters, likers, and sharers will help you connect better with your fans and build better bonds.

Twitter Analytics

The social media analytics by SocialPilot is also available to all its Twitter users. SocialPilot’s Twitter analytics offers all insights into your tweeting activity.

It was long awaited and its introduction marks better transparency and better measurement analytics for the Twitter users.

You can plan better strategies for your twitter account and post content which leaves an impact. Learn incredible things about your posts, page, and fans on Twitter using the Social media analytics.

It will also come as great news that the Analytics tool is not just limited to tweets within SocialPilot; you can view the statistics of any post of your twitter account from the Twitter analytics dashboard!

Daily Tweets

Daily Tweets

Tweet any number of times a day and SocialPilot’s Twitter Analytics tool takes care of your records. The daily tweets graph reflects the number of tweets you posted daily over a selected time frame. Hover over the graph to get the exact number of tweets on that particular day.

Tweet Frequency

Tweet Frequency

Monitor the daily likes and unlikes on your posts and get a weekly overview of tweets with our Tweet frequency chart. It’s easy to read and simple to understand.

Content & Engagement Habits

Content and Engagement Habits

Understand your audience better with our Content and Engagement charts and graphs. Know how many of your tweets are text, link, image or video tweets.

Audience Engagement

This feature covers the various statistics related to the engagement habits of the customers, their tweets, retweets, engagements, favorites and other tweeting activities.

Twitter users are more of urban and youth audience; dig digger into these statistics and tap them better.

Tweet Performance

Tweet Performance

Get clear insights of the performance of your post with the ‘tweet performance’ chart. This feature’s comprehensive guide to the tweet performance allows businesses make further marketing plans in the correct areas.

Mentions Overview

Mentions Overview

Dive deeper into your Twitter statistics with the ‘mention overview’ chart. This awesome feature is a complete guide to all your top mentioned tweets and other prominent tweeting activity.

Now you can find out all about the top influencer users of your Twitter posts.

Share Reports

Keeping every minute detail in mind, the ‘share’ reports button is incorporated into the Analytics feature.

Once you have derived all the statistics of your posts, it’s time to discuss and share it with your team. There is no point in posting content that no one is bothered about. So analyze the results of your marketing content by sharing the reports with your other team members.

And to showcase the incredible results, share the reports with your clients to boost their confidence in you. The ‘share’ button appears at the top right-hand corner of the Facebook Analytics/Twitter Analytics page.

It’s your “power” button. Use it to inform, discuss and showcase your social media marketing results.

Share reports

The excitement of the SocialPilot team, at this launch, is unbeatable. And that… an understatement. The experiments, trials, test runs, hits & misses; have been worth it!

The Analytics tool is an incredible feature that has been beautifully sculpted for users to harness better control of their social media marketing strategies.

Now not only can you collect all statistics and insights of your posts, you can even discuss and share it with your team and clients.

Measure, monitor, review, share reports and re-adjust strategies as per the SocialPilot Analytics results.

What are you missing out on? Which is the niche audience? Facebook and Twitter Analytics are the latest offerings to the clients who range from individuals, bloggers, marketing strategists, agencies, developers and people over a wide range of platforms.

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And together, yet again with your support, we will embark on this exciting new journey to discover wonderful ways of ‘analyzing’ your social media marketing strategies.

Picture of Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya is the co-founder and CEO at SocialPilot. He brings 13 years of leadership experience in building SaaS platforms. He divides his time between working with his team on product engineering and maintaining a good customer happiness quotient. He aims to bring SocialPilot to the forefront of social business.

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