Introducing Social Media Calendar By SocialPilot: Visualize Your Plan

Introducing Social Media Calendar By SocialPilot: Visualize Your Plan

We all know how important it is to use social media for our business. The question is if we doing it in an organized manner. Or are we just blindly posting random stuff on profiles and pages? Like any other form of marketing, social media needs proper strategies and planning. That’s where our Social Media Calendar comes handy.

A social media calendar can help you check out all your planned posts for the next weeks or even the months ahead. In addition, it will help you craft your posts in advance so that you always have something ready to share.

Why is social media calendar important for everyone?

First, by using Social Media Calendar tool, you can do a number of things. The good news is you can do all of these in the same app.

  • Plan ahead for upcoming campaigns
  • Visualize your future posts
  • Re-share your past posts

It is a simple way to view and manage the overall promotion campaign schedule as well as social post activities. For efficiency, all of this can be looked in a single view. In short, the calendar gives a visual real-time view of all past, present and schedule social posts.

Moreover, instead of using the queue to add your posts, the new calendar allows you schedule your posts right there, without switching back to list view. With the social media calendar view, your posts can be scheduled at any time in the future and precisely at the time you want to publish them. Thus, Social Media Calendar:

  • Helps you to develop your editorial strategy
  • Helps you to maintain consistency
  • Reduces extra time in forming your content marketing strategy
  • Helps you allocate your content wisely
  • Helps you to consistently publish high quality, high performing content pieces
  • Organize the way you curate and create content
  • Helps you to visualize your planned posts

Just imagine you could plan, organize and manage social media updates the same way you do with Google calendar. We wanted to bring the ease of scheduling events on your calendar right into your SocialPilot account. At last, SocialPilot is happy to announce the arrival of Social Media Calendar for fully managing all your social accounts at once.

Now, let’s take a look at how Social Media Calendar works.

How it works:

To access the calendar, just click on the calendar link under Posts menu from the dashboard. On the calendar, you can see everything you have scheduled on all your accounts: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. Here you can see the month view, week view, and daily views of your posts.

Type of calendars view:

There are different ways to arrange your social media calendar depending on your needs and preference:

1. Month View:
Having a monthly view for your calendar is a really excellent way to visualize your content. It is a great way to see what you have coming up in the next couple of weeks. Additionally, it also helps to view specific events coming up that you might need to focus on.

A monthly view is also important because you can get the clear idea about how to define macro strategies for your whole month plan. Here is an example of a monthly social media calendar.


2. Week View:
With your weekly view for your calendar, you can check out the bulk work for that particular week. The best way to be effective with your social media calendar is to have every single post for the week already written out. The Weekly View of your Social Media Calendar also helps you to define your micro-strategy for your whole week plan.


3. Day View:
Day view lists all your posts for a particular day. This way, you know exactly what is going out on a particular day and you can edit timings of posts. Also, you can create new posts for that day right then and there.

Filter your calendar view

Different filters allow for viewing by month, week and day as well as past posts and your delivered posts. With filters, you can view what you have scheduled or shared on a particular account, group and pages.

Easy to re-schedule your posts:

So, you have taken a good look at posts shared in the past and found that one post that would be perfect for re-sharing. SocialPilot’s calendar allows you to schedule your posts ahead of the time. Additionally, you can easily re-schedule posts with a simple drag and drop. Also, you may re-post effective posts and create updates for multiple social networks all from one place.

If you have already scheduled a post but would like to change the date, all you have to do is click, drag and drop the entry to the new date. Similarly, this is much like Google calendar, only for social media. In addition, you can even move them to your preferred time down to the minute.


Create new posts directly on the social media calendar:

To conclude, you can easily create a post directly from the calendar and fill empty pre-set time slot on your SocialPilot schedule anytime in future. Simply click anywhere on the calendar and write your updates.  With Social Media Calendar, you can plan ahead, reschedule, and drag things all at one place just like you would with a regular calendar. However, now this power comes to you to help you control the timing of your posts on social media.

It’s your turn now! Check out how your calendar looks like.

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