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Mike Tufano, the Digital Services Director at Elevation Brands, has been navigating the ever-changing tide of social media marketing for more than 20 years now. When he noticed a niche market that was not being catered to, he knew this was his opportunity to jump on the wagon in order to add a new revenue stream.

When your client is already on the lookout for social media marketing, it might be easier to win their trust with a killer pitch. But how do you convince a whole new vertical to trust in your services?

Elevation Brands, a marketing & advertising company, has forged a defining presence thanks to their expertise in delivering outstanding results and their ability to package their wins with personal branding. The SocialPilot white-label user unveiled the secret to not only acquiring new clients but also cementing lasting connections.

Pitching to a new market

The church program is one of Elevation Brand’s most significant offerings. Specifically catering to churches, the program offers a social media management service at a significantly lower rate. Therefore, allowing the churches to put their faith and the future of their digital presence in the hands of Mike and his team with ease.

Every month, Elevation Brands creates and publishes hundreds of posts across multiple channels, leaving no room for error. The results of his team’s effort need to be translated transparently to the client without taking focus away from the next campaign.

It sounds like a task for a team of 50 people. And investing in a platform that can match the scale of work would mean a hefty price for the end-user and an unorganized workflow.

The answer to his prayers – SocialPilot

After testing out multiple tools from Hootsuite to SproutSocial and even a unique mix of different tools to get the desired efficiency, Mike finally found SocialPilot.

“I tried Hootsuite and Sprout Social and even mashed up different tools before I discovered SocialPilot. With SocialPilot, we were able to increase our volume without eating into our profit margin.”

SocialPilot was the winning social media management tool because of the easy scalability, white-label optimization, and exclusive customer support that comes with it.

A robust tool designed for Scalability

The growing volume of the Church Program’s needs meant Mike’s team required a tool that would support scalability at a low cost.

They found the missing piece for their success puzzle in SocialPilot. A multitasking tool that can handle bulk posting smoothly, manage the team efficiently, and has the fantastic potential to help users with customizable solutions.

“The scheduling feature coupled with the User Interface of SocialPilot assisted us in scaling up the volume of clients and substantially increasing the profit margin.”

In Mike’s experience, SocialPilot offers terrific potential for agencies to grow & establish themselves in the market.

White labeling gave voice to the value proposition.

Elevation Brands is known to build one-on-one relationships with their clients, with transparency in expectations and delivery.

“WE GET IT” are three prominent words highlighted on Elevation Brands’ website.

Knowing your value proposition is not enough. Your customers and potential clients need to recognize your brand’s value and success as your own. Therefore, integrating and branding all communication points, including your SaaS products, with your unique message is vital.

Mike, a veteran in marketing, recognized the importance of branding their social media management tool with Elevation Brands’ logo & presence.

“SocialPilot’s white label feature has been essential in building the church program the way that we have. From the end user’s perspective, they are dealing with us, they buy from us, they are familiar with our logo, and they trust us.”

The personalized branding that comes with the white label feature of SocialPilot allows users to customize the tool with their agency’s logo and branding. The detailed analytical reports highlighted the agency’s success efficiently with the customized branding.

Exceptional customer service is a double reward.

For an agency, the only way to continue doing excellent work is if their support services are functioning smoothly in the backend.

Our support team has been able to help Elevation Brands in resolving all their concerns and questions. With solid backing from SocialPilot, Elevation Brands has been able to generate more value for their clients. This “value enhancement” has substantially increased the loyalty of their customers.

Acting on feedback and helping with new solutions gave Elevation Brands more power to better customize their usage of SocialPilot depending on the need of their clients.

A special focus on permanence, not just performance

It can cost up to 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Customer retention is a critical aspect of running a successful social media marketing agency. Clients rely more on proven results & word of mouth.

“White label gives credibility to our brand that adds longevity to our relationships with all our clients.”

Backed by the support of SocialPilot’s white label solution, Elevation Brands was able to brand their agency, increase the value of their service and cater to the needs of the church program without the additional costs.

In turn, the Church recognized the value provided by the agency and allowed for a prolonged trust in their services.

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