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About the Agency

Infinite Laundry is a marketing and recruitment solutions agency catering exclusively to businesses in the linen and uniform industry across the world. Founded in 2009, the agency pioneered a unique approach to marketing by providing targeted marketing assistance to textile rental companies and industrial laundries. This made Infinite Laundry the first of its kind in the world.

The agency was started by Jeff Wile, who recognized the need for such specialized marketing services after selling his restaurant linen service company in South Florida. With its unwavering focus on this niche industry, Infinite Laundry has built a strong reputation as the go-to marketing firm for businesses in the linen and uniform industry. Today, the agency boasts a growing, dedicated team of 25 professionals who are known for being laundry marketing experts worldwide.

The Challenge

How to efficiently manage social media accounts of 100+ Clients?

The textile industry operates traditionally, and many companies and their leadership lack the technical expertise or time to build their visibility online.

Team Infinite Laundry has years of combined experience doing just that, i.e. helping clients in this particular niche with little to no social media knowledge build their brand! They strategically build their social media presence from scratch to attract maximum reach and engagement, making way for increased business & revenue.

However, completely taking over all responsibility for a client’s social media is time-consuming. With a growing client base, the job gets even more challenging, especially when you are working with a lean team. One social media manager can only create, curate and manage socials for numbered accounts. Posting natively was slowly starting to become an uphill task.

“We do around 400 monthly social posts on an average and it was taking a lot of time for us to post natively.”

The Solution

In 2019, realizing the need to streamline its social media strategy and improve efficiency, Infinite Laundry made the strategic decision to transition from manual posting to a social media scheduling tool. Thus began their journey with SocialPilot.

SocialPilot became a game-changer for Infinite Laundry, significantly boosting its social media marketing services and streamlining its workflow. The platform facilitated the process of sourcing fresh content ideas for their clients and smoothly scheduling hundreds of social media posts each month while managing all client accounts in one centralized location. Partnering with SocialPilot exceeded Infinite Laundry’s expectations and proved to be a valuable asset to their business.

“What was taking 3-4 days before for us in terms of content scheduling was taking us only 1 day now”

The platform’s built-in analytics features kept Infinite Laundry updated with content performance insights to review and realign social strategy for clients as required.

In addition to streamlining content scheduling, Team Infinite Laundry has also found SocialPilot’s PDF analytics for LinkedIn and Google Business Page to be an invaluable asset. These two platforms are the primary social media channels that their clients want a presence on, and SocialPilot’s metrics help them create detailed Monthly Performance Reports that highlight key insights and trends.

The Result

SocialPilot helped Infinite Laundry increase work efficiency by 4x

Infinite Laundry’s association with SocialPilot began at just the right time. When the agency’s client base grew, and native posting became increasingly tedious, they searched for options to phase it out. This was when they discovered the social media scheduling tool.

The niche marketing agency experienced a significant improvement in their work efficiency, achieving a 4x boost while also saving hours of time that were previously spent on content scheduling.

“Digital marketing strategies are changing everyday. It really allowed us to focus on exploring what’s trending and bring the best to our customers”

Infinite Laundry is deeply satisfied with SocialPilot’s feature-rich social media management tool and recommends it wholeheartedly to other marketing enterprises servicing niche clients like they do, to partner and grow with.

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