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The Agency

Milli Media Group is a high-growth, end-to-end digital marketing agency that is dedicated to providing clients with reliable, professional, and results-driven services to meet all of your business marketing needs. Arielle Cohen, the founder of Milli Media Group, is an award-winning marketing strategist and her work has been recognized by a number of organizations including a feature in Yahoo Finance.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for Arielle and her team was finding a social media solution that met their digital marketing needs. This included managing not only Facebook and LinkedIn, but also networks like Google My Business which is vital to local businesses in this day and age.

Moreover, the agency has always used tools that can be white-labeled. The agency wants to ensure that it presents unified branding across all the tools in its portfolio when exposed to the clients.

Finally, like any smart business owner, Arielle wanted to ensure that her team adopts a tool that scales up as her own business grows. From her past experience, she has realized that several tools with initial attractive pricing tend to become super expensive as and when the business grows. The agency is growing fast and getting locked in such a tool can be detrimental to profitability in the long run.

“As our business scaled, SocialPilot has scaled with us. We were able to take on more accounts without having to worry about costs.”

The Solution

Milli Media Group selected SocialPilot as their social media solution after trying out several popular competing products.

This decision was based on several factors including the robustness of the solution, initial and incremental pricing, overall ease of use, as well as the level of support.

The agency completely white-labeled SocialPilot to reflect custom branding including custom domain name, colors, etc. SocialPilot supports DIY white labeling as well as offers a concierge-supported white label setup at no additional cost. There is no technical expertise required and the turnaround time is almost instantaneous.

The Result

Arielle’s team is able to save hundreds of hours each month by adopting SocialPilot as their social media solution. Her team is really happy with the overall user experience and finds SocialPilot one of the easiest solutions to use.

“More than anything the tool saves us time and money. With an easier process of scheduling posts, SocialPilot helped us stay on top of our social media game.”

Adopting SocialPilot has also enabled Milli Media Group to expand its portfolio of services, especially to serve local businesses on platforms like Google My Business, apart from popular platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The agency also plans to offer access to the white-labeled version of SocialPilot to its clients, thus generating additional revenues as a reseller. The flexibility of setting her own price for this access really excites the agency.

“With the whitelabel feature, I can package the SocialPilot tool as a Milli Media Group asset that my clients can purchase. This is an added revenue for me.”

Having the assurance that there are no real caps on the number of social profiles that can be managed, the agency is focused on growing its business and taking on new clients, rather than worrying about rising operational costs.

“I would give an A++ for SocialPilot’s service!”

Finally, having experienced SocialPilot’s super fast and reliable award-winning support, the agency knows that as far as social media solution is concerned, it has found not just another vendor but a reliable partner.

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