Client Management: No more credential exchange

Invite clients, manage their accounts, and share reports with your branding.

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Easily Invite Your Clients

You can effortlessly invite your clients using the Client Management feature by adding their name and email address. You can select which accounts you want your client to connect and let you manage them.

As the invitation is sent, the client will receive an email notification. Client Managament has very easy UI, for any user to manage their clients and their social networks.
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Easily Invite Your Clients
Improvised Branding and White Labelling

Improvised Branding and White Labelling

Don't want to reveal your social media management toolkit? No worries... You can now add your own logo and agency name to emails that your clients receive as well as the client management panel.

Plus you can even send the mailer with your email address and edited email content from the Preview Invite option with your brand name and logo. Doesn’t the sound amazing?
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No Credential Exchange

The best part of Client management is, you don’t need the client to exchange their account credentials or make you an admin to manage their accounts. Once the client logs in, they can connect their social media accounts on their own without sharing the details. It will directly be added into your accounts list so you can easily start creating content and scheduling for these accounts.

All your client's connected accounts and your accounts are getting mixed up? You can view them separately from Manage Accounts option and filter your client's accounts.
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No Credential Access

Invite your Clients with Client Management of SocialPilot!

Client Management is quite a unique feature that a scheduling tool can provide. SocialPilot came up with this brilliant feature to remove the glitch our users were facing, when it came to managing their clients social accounts.

Isn’t it great when you no more need your clients' account credentials and also don’t need to be an admin of a page to manage it? Yes, for sure it's outstanding! Have a look at this 2-minute video tutorial where, how easily you can invite your clients with the *Client Management* feature.
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