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Are you struggling with Hootsuite’s expensive plans, unreliable support, and complicated interface? It’s time you look for an alternative to Hootsuite.

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SocialPilot v/s Hootsuite

A detailed comparison of SocialPilot & Hootsuite to show you how SocialPilot can help you manage social better and in an affordable manner.

  Social PilotSocialPilot HootsuitHootsuite
Supported Platforms Social Networks Social Networks
Number of Social Accounts 25 20
Team Plan (billed monthly) $50.00/m $129.00/m
Bulk Scheduling with Image Yes No
Social Inbox Yes Yes
Facebook Ads Yes Yes
Social Media Analytics Yes Yes
Analytics Reports PDF Reports Included with Plan Extra Cost for PDF Reports
Easy to Use UI/UX Yes No
Social Media Calendar Yes No
Client Management Yes No
Teams & Collaboration Yes Yes
Browser Extension Yes Yes
Content Discovery & Suggestions Yes Yes
RSS Feed Automation Automated+Manual Automated
Integrated URL Shortening Yes No
Support Chat + Email Chat + Email
Mobile Apps Yes Yes
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Don’t Pay More To Manage Your Social Conversations

Reply to every comment, post, and message on multiple Facebook Pages in real-time - with Social Inbox. Your team can use Social Inbox at a very budget-friendly cost of $50.


Connect More Accounts Than with Hootsuite at a Great Pricing

Hootsuite lets you connect only up to 35 accounts at a price of $599/month. SocialPilot not only enables you to connect up to 50 accounts but also helps you stay within your budget - at just $100/month. If you are looking for an pocket-friendly alternative to Hootsuite, we'll say SocialPilot is the end of your search!

Manage Clients’ Social, Without Any Hassle

Do you find yourself running after clients for their social accounts’ credentials? Unlike Hootsuite, SocialPilot helps you invite your clients to connect their social accounts so there’s no need for them to share the credentials.


Save Time & Effort While Scheduling Image Posts in Bulk

With SocialPilot, you can add URLs of your images in the CSV file and schedule them with just an upload. This saves you the effort of adding images manually while bulk scheduling your posts, like in Hootsuite.

A User-Friendly tool Similar to Hootsuite with Happy Reviews

Are you finding Hootsuite’s dashboard to be too complicated? SocialPilot’s customers employ its easy-to-use interface to uncomplicate things and make managing social less stressful for them and their teams.


Reliable Customer Support, Just a Holler Away

Are your complaints going unheard? SocialPilot promises you a reliable customer support team which answers your queries and resolves your issues - on social, e-mail, mobile app and everywhere else.

What Can You Do More with SocialPilot ?

Content Curation

Discover relevant and trending content for various keywords and influencers.

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URL Shortening

Avoid ugly URLs in your posts with integrated URL shorteners.

Analytics & Reports

SocialPilot offers in-depth social media analytics along with downloadable PDF reports.

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Teams & Collaboration

Add your team members and assign them social media tasks. Review and approve their work.

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RSS Feed Automation

Add your favorite blogs in RSS feed and let SocialPilot schedule and share them automatically.

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Browser Extension

Schedule and share content from anywhere on the internet.

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