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All the data you need in one place

Analyze and monitor audience behavior and post-performance of your Instagram Business accounts with in-depth analytics reports. Individual sections for Post, Profile, and Stories provide you with the complete picture of all your marketing activities on Instagram. Analytics reports can be generated for periods of 7 days, 15 days, 1 month, and 3 months.

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All the data you need in one place
Get to know your audience better

Get to know your audience better

View detailed metrics of your audience demographics to get a better understanding of your audience base. Get a detailed breakdown of the age and gender of your audience along with their location. Audience Demographics enable you to develop strategies that are particularly suited for your audience base for maximum impact.

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Boost engagement with Followers’ Activity Data

Analyze your Followers’ activity data with a graphical breakdown of the number of followers present at each hour of the day. Publish your posts at the time when your audience is most likely to be active to boost more engagement.

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Boost engagement with Followers
posting at the right time

Generate more reach by posting at the right time

Make your content work for you by knowing the days on which your posts have the maximum reach. Increase your audience base and reach more people effortlessly by changing your posting schedule to include days that are likely to generate maximum reach.

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Know what makes your audience tick

Get all the data you need to make insightful decisions. Analyze individual post-performance and engagement metrics to get a clearer picture of the type of content that resonates the most with your audience.

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audience tick
Hashtag Performance

Engage with & reach more people by monitoring Hashtag Performance

Know which are the right hashtags to use for your posts with the hashtag Performance report. Get a detailed breakdown of all your hashtags’ performance according to their average reach, average engagement, and the number of times they have been used in a post. Use hashtags that have consistently generated high engagement and reach to get seen by more people and engage with them.

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Make the most of Instagram Stories

Analyze your Instagram stories’ performance to get a better idea about the type of content that your audience most likes to see and interact with. Detailed Stories performance report gives you a clear idea of the number of replies, tap backs, tap forwards, and exits your stories received within its 24 hours time frame. You can also view more in-depth individual stories’ metrics to get a better idea of each story’s performance.

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Instagram Stories

Instagram Reel

Get the best out of Instagram Reels

Let’s face it, nothing ramps up impressions for a brand than a new Instagram Reel. Get access to Reel publishing and scheduling as well as detailed analytics to help you measure your content’s performance on Instagram.

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