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LinkedIn Company Page Overview:

Have a clear and complete overview of your LinkedIn Company Page. View key metrics like how many followers you have, the updates you have made, engagement & click growth and much more.

You can also select a suitable time-frame that you want to analyze for your brand. You can analyze your content with time-frame of 7 days, 15 days, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months.

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Analyze Your LinkedIn Followers

Know your follower count trend. Check when are your followers increasing and when are they unfollowing you.

The follower demographics drop-down lets you view your page’s followers seniority, the company size they work in, belong to which countries and their profession category.

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Monitor Your Post/Update Reach

You need to know how well your post worked. You’ve invested alot in creating content to be posted for your LinkedIn page followers. So it becomes necessary to know your post reach or how many impressions your Update made.

Monitor which of your post had the maximum reach and which day played fair for your post. You can then post that type of content on particular days that get the maximum reach.

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Measure Your Engagement Trends

Measure your engagement trends. Find out how many likes and comments you received on your posts. Analyze and measure total engagement on your company page of the posts that you made in the selected time-frame.

You need to measure how are your engagement trends. Are they increasing or decreasing? If they are decreasing you need to revamp your marketing tactics.

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Post Performance Analysis

Analyze your complete strategy in just one section. Monitor and measure all the posts you have made on your LinkedIn business page. You can also view which posts are the most popular and favorite

The best part is you can re-share your most engaging content right from the post performance tab. Isn’t this great?

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Shareable Instant PDF Analytics Report

Find out what’s responsible for the best performance of your LinkedIn Business Page with SocialPilot’s LinkedIn Analytics PDF Report. Download these reports or share them immediately with clients or colleagues via email from your account. The insights are represented with graphs and charts showcasing your end-results of LinkedIn marketing.

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