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Analyze your Twitter profiles to discover your best performing tweets and understand your followers. Get insights into which type of tweet drives the most engagement. Also understand who are the top influencers mentioning you in their tweets, and how tweets that mentioned you are faring.

Tweet Activity Analysis

Understand how each and every tweet on your profile performs. Find out your most popular tweets, tweets that are most retweeted, and tweets that are most favorited. You can also analyze which of your posts got good engagement and which didn’t.

The best thing here is you can very easily ‘Reshare’ your most performing tweets right from the Twitter Analytics tab.
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Twitter Analytics
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Tweets Statistics- Best Time to Tweet & Why

Get a breakdown of the number of tweets you posted on daily, weekly and on monthly basis. Also analyze patterns of your posting activities by understanding what hour of the day and what day of the week you tweet the most.

By correlating this data with audience engagement, you can discover the best time to tweet. Amazing isn’t it?
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Increase Audience Engagement

Get the daily insights on the ways audience engaged with your content to understand your busiest days and quiet periods. For the selected Twitter profile, get daily insights of retweets, favorites, and replies.

Analyze the trend to find out crest and troughs in engagement and use this pattern to time your content better.
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Twitter Mentions

Find out your most active advocates and influencers on Twitter. Understand how many times you have been mentioned and how many advocates mentioned you.

Find out how the tweets mentioning you performed overall. See who is mentioning you the most and engage with them to ultimately increase your conversion rate.
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Trending on Twitter- #Hashtags

Tweets without hashtags are incomplete. Using powerful hashtags with your posts do bring a hell lot of traffic. Finf what’s trending and use them into your posts.

Understand which hashtags resonate well with your audience in your industry, and use them effectively to drive better engagement and better traffic.
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