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Social Media Planner: Month, Week, Day view

If you’re serious about social media, you probably already have a strategy in place that spans across multiple weeks and multiple accounts. The social media ‘monthly plan view’ gives you a bird’s view of what content is scheduled for which account.

The ‘week view’ and ‘day view’ give you a granular level idea of scheduled content. Thus, you can visualize your social media strategy at a macro level using ‘month view’, as well as micro level using ‘week’ and ‘day view’. The ability to change the level of focus in studying your scheduled content is vital in planning your social media stratagems. SocialPilot plays a great social media planner! Start planning now!

social media posting calendar

Filter Content Calendar using Accounts & group

If you’re overwhelmed by hundreds of posts showing up on your calendar, you can further refine your views to make your content calendar easier to digest. SocialPilot offers you the ability to filter your calendar view at account or group level. When you select a particular account, only posts scheduled for that account would be displayed.

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Easily reshare your Evergreen content

If you’ve noticed that there are some posts that are performing better than others, you might want to re-share them; that’s your evergreen content! The content that is liked by your audience and may bring more traffic in future.

So why waste it by just posting it once? Schedule them in your queue to get even more mileage out of them. The good news is you can do that instantly with your content calendar.
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Helps you in Social Media Posting

At times, you will need to schedule a post at a particular day and exact time. Be it new product announcements, quarterly results announcement or other time-sensitive posts, they have to go out at a particular time and particular date. SocialPilot’s social media calendar lets you create such time-sensitive posts right from the calendar. Just click on the day and time on calendar and fill in the details of the post you want to create.
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