Why is SocialPilot the best alternative to Buffer?

SocialPilot is the perfect social media marketing management tool similar to buffer; to manage, monitor, and increase your social media presence. Our strength lies in our vast variety of power-packed features that have made us a sought after tool for digital agencies and marketers.
SocialPilot proves to be a powerful alternative to Buffer. Check out features comparison of Buffer Alternative.



buffer alternative

Social Media Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Xing, Vk Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn
Connected Profiles Up to 200 Up to 150
Scheduling Queue (For paid plans) Up to 5000 Up to 2000

Price / month (billed monthly)

Start with $10.00

Start with $10.00
Analytics Extensive, Powerful & Actionable insights for Facebook and Twitter Basic post performance for Facebook, Twitter overview

Custom FB Branding

Shows "Published by Your Brand Name"

Shows "Published by Buffer"

Bulk Scheduling with Image

Yes No
URL Shortening Services StartAFire, Rebrandly, Sniply, Bitly & Google Bitly & Buffly
Social Media Calendar Yes Yes

Client Management

Yes No
Team & Collaboration Yes Yes

Content Suggestion

Yes No
RSS Feed Automated+Manual Manual
Support Chat + Email Chat + Email
Mobile Apps Yes Yes
Browser Extension Yes Yes
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Social Network Integrations

SocialPilot offers a greater number of supported networks, for effective social media content management; thereby increasing their marketing scope across networks. We want to make sure you cover the most of the networks and fulfill your social media needs. Supported networks at SocialPilot: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Vk, Tumblr and Xing.

Buffer, on the other hand, is currently available to its users across six platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.
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Cost-Effective Social Media Marketing

Buffer’s Awesome and business plans are exceedingly expensive. The skyrocketing prices make it difficult for smaller startups and enterprises to leverage these social media marketing plans.

SocialPilot is an amazing free Buffer alternative tool. The packages at SocialPilot start at just $10 per month. We provide a plethora of customized plans that not only suit your social media marketing plans, but they are also budget-friendly. Bloggers, marketers, and businesses of any magnitude can easily plan and schedule their social media marketing strategies using the SocialPilot tool.

Our interfaces are easy to navigate and we offer a seamless user experience with great back-end assistance to answer all your queries. With a single interface to access all your social media network accounts, we have an answer to all your social media marketing woes.
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Cost-Effective Social Media Marketing

Invite Clients and Manage their Accounts

Social media management agencies need access to their client’s accounts to manage and schedule their content. It would be great to have a Client management feature that reduces the credential exchange hassle and provides the client with an incredible user experience. The Buffer app does not provide this useful feature to its users. Users can at max add team members to help them manage and auto-schedule the posts.

SocialPilot gives you another reason to fall in love with it. We have incorporated the Client management feature to help marketers manage their client’s accounts hassle-free. You can easily manage your client’s account from the SocialPilot panel without them having to share their account credentials. The best part is you can even use your branding instead of SocialPilot for white-labeling purposes to not reveal your marketing tool-kit to your clients.

Take the client-marketer experience to a whole new level with SocialPilot- The most powerful social media tool.
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Display your own Brand Name with Custom FB Branding

Having a brand presence on Facebook is pivotal in expanding your marketing reach. But marketing tools, make their brand a priority and post content featuring their brand name. Posts and images sent to Facebook groups and profiles via Buffer display the Buffer link: “Published by Buffer”

At SocialPilot, your brand gets all the limelight. We provide Facebook personalized branding, to keep you ahead in the competition. With our Custom FB Branding feature, you can post content to your Facebook profiles & groups, branding your name instead of SocialPilot’s.

The best feature one looks forward to, to increase their brand visibility!
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URL Shortening Services

Are your social media links too long and complex? Do you want them to look sleek and trendy? Buffer app does provide URL Shortening with its Buffly and the Bitly URL shorteners. You can give it a miss and head over to SocialPilot which provides deep URL integration. Buffer alternative like us offers a collection of multiple URL shorteners that can be used for the various accounts, leaving the user absolutely spoilt for choice! You can switch between your own saved domain names or select from the various URL shorteners provided by us. Our Pandora of URL shorteners includes: Start A Fire, Sniply, Bitly, Rebrandly and Google shorteners.

So make your content marketing campaigns all the more novel and exciting and drive back traffic to your website using this brilliant feature by SocialPilot.
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Improve your social media marketing ROI with the best Buffer Alternative

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