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No More Random Posting. Get Your Timing Right, Every Time.

best time to post on facebook

Take the Guesswork Out! We Reveal Your Exact Numbers

Forget the generic best times! Uncover the prime times and dead hours for Facebook posting that are
unique to your Facebook pages and audience.

Best Time to Post

Best Time to Post

Get your overall and day-wise best time to post on Facebook for maximum engagement.

Worst Time to Post

Worst Time to Post

Find out the timings with the least audience activity and engagement.

Best Segment to Post

Best Segment to Post

Morning, noon, or night? Find out which time slot of the day is the prime posting period.

Engagement Heatmap

Engagement Heatmap

Visualize the average engagement levels of each day and hour of the past 30 days.

3 Simple Steps to Your Facebook Posting Schedule

With a single click, discover the optimal times to share your Facebook posts when your specific
audience is wide awake and hungry for content.

  • STEP – 1
    Connect Your Facebook Account

    Connect Your Facebook Account

    Click the button “Find my best posting time” to connect your Faceboook account. We’ll securely link your account and its associated pages.

  • STEP – 2
    Connect Your Facebook Account

    Select Your Facebook Page

    Once connected, select the Facebook page you’d like to analyze.

  • STEP – 3
    Connect Your Facebook Account

    Get Your Best and Worst Times to Post

    Sit back and relax! Our powerful tool will analyze your page’s data and instantly generate your personalized best and worst times to post.


Bonus step – Start Scheduling Effortlessly

Now that you have your personalized posting schedule, it’s time to fill it with engaging content. With SocialPilot, you can schedule your posts into the optimal time slots, ensuring your content gets the attention it deserves

Why Use the Best Time to Post on Facebook Tool?

Stop posting when your audience is not active. Discover your peak posting times on Facebook
to give your content the attention it deserves.

Maximize Visibility

Maximize Visibility

Increase the visibility of your posts and
reach a wider audience

Increase Engagement

Spark More Engagement

Encourage likes, comments, and shares, boosting your overall engagement

Optimize for Algorithm

Outsmart the Algorithm

Work with Facebook’s algorithm, not against it, to get your posts seen by maximum people

Target Specific Audiences

Reach the Right People at the Right Time

Target specific audiences and cater to their online habits

Consistency and Planning

Grow Your Facebook Community

Engage your audience consistently and create a loyal following

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the tool determine the best times to post?

The tool taps into Facebook’s analytics via their API to gather real-time data from the last 30 days on when your audience is most active. Afterward, our integrated AI-powered model applies advanced analytical techniques to distill these insights into clear recommendations for the best and worst times to post on your Facebook pages.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data remains completely secure. At SocialPilot, we adhere strictly to all guidelines to ensure the highest data protection standards.