Catch Up With SocialPilot Updates From Slack

Updates requiring immediate attention are now delivered from SocialPilot straight to your Slack workspace.

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One-Point Access to Tasks

The Home tab on Slack for SocialPilot is your go-to place for all the major tasks. Here you’ll find the summary of disconnected accounts, errors that occurred while scheduling, and unscheduled posts.

One-Point Access to Tasks
Critical Issues Notified in Seconds

Critical Issues Notified in Seconds

Get instant notifications of multiple critical happenings as and when they occur with this SocialPilot integration. Resolve issues like payment failure, posting error details, reconnecting accounts, post rescheduling, and more from the Message tab itself.

Team Approvals in Motion

Don’t leave any social media posts unattended. Review all the posts that are pending your approval. Know which team members created them. Suggest further edits or approve them right away from the Message tab.

eTeam Approvals in Motion

How to Integrate SocialPilot with Slack

Step 1

Login to your SocialPilot account into your default browser.

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Step 2

Inside Slack, Go to ‘Add Apps’ at the left bottom and select SocialPilot.

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Step 3

Click on Connect Account on the home tab of the SocialPilot app for Slack and follow all the steps mentioned.

Connect an Account

Congratulations, your SocialPilot account is now successfully integrated with your Slack workspace.

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