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 Gia Maxwell Gia Maxwell , Consulting LLC 5-Star

“Nice to have a dashboard that is almost all-in-one for all of my social media needs for my clients. As a solopreneur, I love that it's affordable, custom branding, content curation feature, and the customer service has been very responsive and helpful.”

Publishing & Scheduling

Easily schedule and publish posts on your Facebook Pages and Groups from one place.

  • Customize your posts

    Create and schedule customized posts with images, Reels, GIFs, and videos for multiple Facebook pages. Insert emojis, custom fields, alt texts, etc. Mention other pages, tag locations, customize CTA buttons, and even target specific audiences. Learn more

  • Get a bird’s eye view

    Social Calendar gives you a macro as well as a micro view of your social media strategy. Go into the details or get a glimpse at the overview. Learn More

  • Automate your content calendar

    Bulk schedule up to 500 posts with a single upload. A simple CSV file can help schedule multiple posts with images and links for all your Facebook pages at once. Learn more

Publishing & Scheduling
Analytics & Reports

Analytics & Reports

Get all the insights and data you need to make the right decisions for your Facebook Pages. Download your reports or instantly share them with your clients via email – complete with your own branding.

  • Understand your data

    Get a clear picture of your Facebook account performance with charts and graphs of crucial metrics. Whether you need a quick overview or a detailed dive into the numbers, our reports paint the perfect picture of your marketing efforts. Learn more

  • Make informed decisions

    With Facebook Audience insights you can identify content that your audience loves, along with the best time to post for maximum results. Start making smart decisions about publishing the right content that will boost your marketing efforts.

  • Get ready-to-share white label reports

    Customize your Facebook reports with your branding. With one click, your reports are ready to be shared with your clients and other stakeholders via email. You can also download your reports as PDFs. Say goodbye to manually creating reports every month.

Social Inbox

Keep the conversation flowing with our simple and effective Social Inbox. Engage with your audience efficiently and keep track of open conversations.

  • Bring everything under one roof

    Be it reviews, comments, messages, or posts made by your fans on your Facebook Page, our Social Inbox brings all your conversations together for easy management. Managing responses on all your Facebook pages has never been easier. Learn more

  • Manage reviews efficiently

    View, Like and Comment on all your recommendations on Facebook. Mark reviews Done when resolved to and effectively manage these reviews using Social Inbox.

  • Boost customer success and satisfaction metrics

    Satisfy your fans with faster responses and dynamic conversations. No one enjoys interacting with a bot. Reply to conversations with pictures and GIFs.

Social Inbox
Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Create, schedule, and manage your Facebook ads straight from your SocialPilot tool. Get maximum reach for your popular content.

  • Schedule Boost Posts

    While scheduling your Facebook content, directly choose your target audience from your preset audiences, and set your budget. Your post will automatically be boosted once it goes live. Alternatively, SocialPilot also suggests popular posts from your calendar to boost. Learn more

  • Create Lead Generation ads

    Generate quality leads from Facebook directly on your SocialPilot app. Edit your dynamic ad content, customize the CTA for your specific objective, choose your target audience, and monitor your Facebook ads from a single tool. Learn more

  • Analyze ad performance

    Get real-time performance reports of all your Facebook ads. Easily keep an eye on the status of your ads. Based on the analytical reports, you can edit, delete or customize your ads and boost posts any time.

 Mike Tufano Mike Tufano, Elevation Brands 5-Star

"The white-label feature gives credibility to our brand that adds longevity to our relationships with all our clients. From the end user's perspective, they are dealing with us, they buy from us, they are familiar with our logo, and they trust us."

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Teams and Collaboration

Whether you are coordinating with your team members or collaborating with your client, SocialPilot makes every interaction stress-free. Keep the workflow clutter-free for the entire team.

  • Do more with your entire team

    Enhance your team’s efficiency by inviting members to manage and collaborate on specific accounts. Get clients onboarded easily for better and more efficient workflows for approval and feedback processes.

  • Set clear roles & responsibilities

    Avoid repetition of work and effort by assigning specific roles and page access to your team members. Cut down on time and effort required to manage your multiple social media profiles. Learn more

  • Collaborate efficiently on the smallest of tasks

    Errors and miscommunications within your team will be a thing of the past. Comment options on the SocialPilot calendar ensures there is a line of communication for each post so that no detail goes unmissed in your social media game.

Teams and collaboration
White label solutions

White Label Solutions

Customize your SocialPilot tool to match your brand identity. From a branded dashboard to branded analytics reports, your SocialPilot tool will truly be your own.

  • Get your own social media tool

    Give your clients a seamless branded experience. Put your brand at the center stage with a completely customized interface to match your brand’s image and outlook. Learn more

  • Create a new income stream

    Boost your income by adding new revenue streams thanks to the superior reseller benefits of SocialPilot’s white label setup.

  • Personalize everything

    From the web address that your clients will see to an email address of your brand, you decide how your brand is displayed to your clients.

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