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 Christopher Conlan Christopher Conlan, Habooble Communications 5-Star

“Their bulk scheduling features are outstanding. They also have a really nice "reporting" system which alerts you if there is a problem with a post or a network error. It's easy to add users and their accounts without having to request their credentials.”

Publishing & Scheduling

Manage your Instagram business and personal accounts with a single tool. Whether you are posting on your feed or your stories, SocialPilot is the only tool you need.

  • Customize your posts

    Directly publish photos, graphics, or reels to your Instagram business accounts with our tool. Add emojis and custom fields to your captions. Tag location and profiles for better reach. Schedule the first comment to include all hashtags to improve visibility. Learn more

  • Get a bird’s eye view

    Plan your Instagram grid with our Calendar view. Move posts around your calendar with a simple drag and drop option, or edit your content directly from the calendar. Learn More

  • Automate your content calendar

    Bulk schedule up to 500 posts with images with a single upload. Simply create a CSV file to publish all your Instagram posts in one go.

Publishing & Scheduling
Analytics & Reports

Analytics & Reports

From audience behavior to post-performance, SocialPilot provides you in-depth analytics that helps you get better results on your Instagram Business accounts.

  • Understand your data & audience

    Get detailed data of your audience demographics to get a better understanding of your audience base on Instagram. Get insights on your page, posts, reels and stories’ performance in a single place. Learn more

  • Make Informed decisions

    SocialPilot’s report includes dynamic graphs like heat maps of when your followers are most active, hashtag performance, and engagement on stories to help you understand what type of content and hashtags to create.

  • Get ready-to-share white-label reports

    Stop wasting time creating presentations and reports of your progress each month. With a simple click, your white-labeled Instagram reports are ready to be shared via email or downloaded as PDF complete with your own branding and logo.

 Arielle Cohen Arielle Cohen, Milli Media Group 5-Star

“More than anything the tool saves us time and money. With an easier process of scheduling posts, SocialPilot helped us stay on top of our social media game.”

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Social Inbox

Keep the conversation flowing with our simple and effective Social Inbox. Engage with your audience efficiently and keep track of open conversations.

  • Bring all conversations under one roof

    Be it comments on your reels, posts, or direct messages sent to your Instagram account, our Social Inbox brings all your conversations together for easy management. Managing responses on all your Instagram accounts has never been easier. Learn more

  • Engage in proactive conversations

    Reply to conversations in real-time across all your Instagram accounts. Focus on conversations that matter. Engaging with your audience is now efficient.

  • Boost customer success and satisfaction metrics

    Give faster responses to your fans and engage in dynamic conversations. No one enjoys interacting with a bot. Reply to conversations with pictures and GIFs.

Social Inbox
Teams and Collaboration

Teams and Collaboration

Every Marketing team has multiple minds working together to actualize your marketing strategies. SocialPilot’s dynamic team and client management feature helps you do just that.

  • Do more with your entire team

    Allow your entire team to work on a single tool with their own individual user interface. Enhance your team’s productivity by inviting members to manage and collaborate on specific accounts.

  • Set clear roles & responsibilities

    Keep your workflow secure and clutter-free by assigning your team members to specific accounts and roles. With roles and responsibilities for each member clear, the room for error and miscommunication diminishes. Learn more

  • Collaborate efficiently with approval workflows

    Approval processes are smoother than ever before as clients and team members get the chance to collaborate together on every single post. Easy communication within the tool itself guarantees a job well done.

White Label Solutions

Give your client the royal treatment while working with your brand. SocialPilot’s white-label feature allows you to customize the entire tool to make your brand identity.

  • Get your own social media tool

    With the seamless branding on the tool, your clients and your team members will no longer be working on a third-party tool, but your very own in-house social media management tool. Learn more

  • Create a new income stream

    With the white-label feature comes an opportunity to add an additional revenue stream for your agency. Get superior reseller benefits while opting for SocialPilot’s white label setup.

  • Personalize everything

    When we say everything, we truly mean everything. Customize your URL, interface, analytical reports, and the entire tool. Place your branding on our software for your new tech asset.

White Label Solutions
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