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LinkedIn With SocialPilot

Publishing & Scheduling

Whether you are creating posts for your personal LinkedIn profile or your Company page,
SocialPilot’s scheduler has got you covered.

  • Customize your posts

    Schedule customized posts with images, videos, and GIFs for your LinkedIn pages. Choose target audience, use image watermarks, add alt texts, emojis, custom fields etc.
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  • Get a bird’s eye view

    Check what your entire month’s content strategy looks like with our Social Calendar. Drag and drop posts to move them around in the calendar.
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  • Automate your content calendar

    Bulk schedule up to 500 posts with images and links with a single upload. Simply create a CSV file to publish all your LinkedIn posts in one go.

Publishing and Scheduling

Content Library

Create a directory of inspirational LinkedIn content ideas for marketing your brand. Retrieve & repurpose past LinkedIn posts from your brand handle which have registered the highest reach & engagement with SocialPilot’s content library.

Content Library
  • Organize your LinkedIn content ideas

    Simplify LinkedIn marketing by keeping track of every LinkedIn post idea you’ve ever had to revisit, edit these & schedule for posting. Browse through & repurpose old LinkedIn posts which have proved to be conversation-starters for your brand on the platform.

  • Repository hashtag clusters

    Save your most popular hashtags for LinkedIn and use them to automatically add to your LinkedIn posts later. Take advantage of automatic hashtag cluster insertion to save time and improve your LinkedIn brand marketing efforts.

Analytics & Reports

Craft winning Linkedin strategies with the right data! Get the maximum engagement
and reach by understanding the analytics reports of your Company Page.

  • Understand your data & audience

    Get key performance metrics like account-specific engagement reports with detailed breakdowns of Follower count, Reach, Impressions in a single space.
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  • Make Informed decisions

    SocialPilot keeps an eye out for the best performing posts on your LinkedIn accounts. We help understand customer better and formulate better marketing plans.

  • Get ready-to-share white-label reports

    Give your social media reports a professional touch with our White Label feature. With one click, branded reports are ready to be shared with your clients.

Analytics and Reports

Social Inbox

Engage with your audience on LinkedIn by replying instantly from our Social Inbox. Build connections and
ignite conversations with quick responses.

Social Inbox

  • Access all Interactions

    LinkedIn inbox gathers all received comments and mentions from multiple LinkedIn pages in one place. Just connect the pages and start engaging.

  • Real-time engagement

    Reply to comments/mentions on LinkedIn from the Social Inbox. Move them to the Done tab once done to separate the ones you still need to attend to.

  • Humanize your brand

    Add emojis to your textual comments and personalize your replies. Show that you care and their comment matters to you.

Teams and Collaboration

Work with your entire team and your client while managing your LinkedIn accounts. Keeping
everyone on the same page is now a piece of cake with SocialPilot.

  • Do more with your entire team

    Work in sync with your content creators, social media managers and the client by inviting them to collaborate on specific accounts.

  • Set clear roles & responsibilities

    Get the most out of your team by assigning specific roles to them. Your entire team can now work straight out of a single tool.
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  • Collaborate efficiently with approval workflows

    Collaboration between the team & clients remains on point with smoother approvals. The comment feature helps fast track feedback processes.

Teams and Collaboration

White Label Solutions

Match your social media management tool to your brand identity and image. With our
white label feature, you can adopt SocialPilot as your own.

White Label Solutions

  • Get your own social media tool

    Turn SocialPilot into your very own social media management tool by incorporating your brand’s logo and identity.
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  • Create a new income stream

    Diversify your revenue options by adopting SocialPilot as your in-house Social Media Management tool.

  • Personalize everything

    Customize everything from your dashboard to your reports and even your URL. You decide how your brand is displayed to your clients.


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leader winter



Christopher Conlan, Managing Partner – Habooble, Communications

Their bulk scheduling features are outstanding. They also have a really nice “reporting” system which alerts you if there is a problem with a post or a network error.

Gia Maxwell


Gia Maxwell,
Consulting LLC

Nice to have a dashboard that is almost all-in-one for all my social media needs for my clients. Their customer service has also been very responsive and helpful.

Social media management for the budget-conscious.

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