Publish Subtitled Videos and Appeal to a Wider Audience Across Social Channels

Publish Subtitled Videos and Appeal

Make your videos more engaging and easier to follow with subtitles for higher retention rates.

Videos are a hit on social media, and adding subtitles is yet another way of making them more engaging. Considering that, SocialPilot now allows users to add subtitles to all video content directly within the platform, just like on native social media platforms.

Instead of manually uploading videos and adding subtitles on each social media platform, you can do it all easily from one place.

Subtitles improve video accessibility for viewers who are hard of hearing and those who prefer watching without sound. By making videos easier to follow and understandable, subtitles increase viewer engagement and extend the average duration of watching videos. On top of that, subtitles also impact a video’s social SEO rankings by allowing search engines to index the text within the video content.

Simply upload your content and select the language. It’s ready to be shared on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This makes adding subtitles easy and ensures your video content is accessible to a wider audience and looks professional, with consistent captions across all platforms.

Simply upload your content and select the language

What users can do?

  • Add SubRip Subtitle (SRT) files across four social media platforms- Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Select the appropriate language for each subtitle file from a dropdown menu.
  • Preview the video with subtitles and make any necessary edits before publishing.
  • Publish video with subtitles, including up to 4 files for Facebook and YouTube and one file for Twitter and LinkedIn.

With subtitle support on SocialPilot, enjoy a complete video publishing experience. If you need any additional support, you can always refer to the help documentation or contact our support team.

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