Simplify Analytics Reporting With SocialPilot’s Advanced Reports

Simplify Analytics Reporting With SocialPilot's Advanced Reports

Access our handy feature to generate consolidated analytics reports for clients – by profile or network. Save more time by auto-scheduling your combined reports.

SocialPilot’s Advanced Reports feature makes analytics reporting more streamlined and easier than ever before. Merging reports for multiple clients usually takes hours. Now you can compile platform and client-specific analytics into one consolidated report with just a few clicks.

With Advanced Reports, you can

  • Present compiled analytics as presentation-ready PDFs
  • Combine analytics of up to 10 accounts in one report
  • Download and save combined reports
  • Auto-schedule client reports delivery as per a defined timeline

What’s more – you can now get a bird’s-eye view of all your reports so you can edit, manage, and auto-schedule your combined reports from one place.

The Advanced Reports feature is currently available for users in the Agency and Agency+ plans. All other users will have to upgrade to a higher plan to access this feature.

Read here to know more about how you can use this feature to save time and effort on social media reporting.

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