Say Hello to Faster Approvals and Review Processes

Faster Approvals and Review Processes

As a social media manager, there must be times when you need quick approvals on your content but are significantly held up due to delays in the client review processes. You know how this disrupts your content’s life cycle.

In the fast-paced social media world where posting times and schedules are vital, speeding up your content publishing process is key to optimizing social media campaign execution for your agency.

That’s where SocialPilot’s latest innovation comes in!

Introducing Approvals-On-The-Go, our all-new feature designed to do away with time-consuming review processes to help your clients approve content on the move!

Get Quick, Efficient Approvals Without Login Hassles

Your clients can review posts from anywhere with just a single click – without the need to log in to SocialPilot each time. These approval links are accessible from anywhere – be it a smartphone, tab, or a PC, eliminating the hassle of carrying a dedicated device.

Our latest feature will help you:

  • Speed up the approval process by a notch
  • Save your team and clients a ton of execution time
  • Get approvals even when your client is on the go
  • Churn out marketing campaigns faster than before
approval link dashboard

Review All Content on a Single Screen

Direct approval links help send all your in-review content to the client, saving them the hassle of navigating through multiple screens! They can scroll through content pending approval and even filter them by accounts or platforms.

Once they click on the direct approval link, your client has two options:

Approve to Publish

Approve to Publish

This will approve a pending post and add it to the publishing queue.

Send back

Send back

This will enable the client to send back posts with feedback in the form of comments


Seamless Communication With Clients

Simplify collaboration and minimize barriers for a more cohesive and strategic approach to content approvals from your clients. Our email and in-app notifications features give your clients real-time alerts for any posts pending review.

There you go! Everything you need to make sure you’re better equipped to pull off timely execution for your social campaigns.

See the new feature in action by logging in to your SocialPilot account or start your 14-day free trial today! Want to know more about how it works? Check out the Help Documentation right here.

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