Inviting Clients & Team Members Easier Than Ever

Inviting Clients and Team Members Easier Than Ever

Invite, track and manage your team on SocialPilot!

Let’s face it. Handling a fully stacked marketing team isn’t a piece of cake. And coordination takes a hit when you have multiple clients joining in for multiple teams.

Enter SocialPilot’s new and improved collaboration features guaranteed to ensure coordination issues become a thing of the past.

We’ve left no stone unturned in creating a space that helps you invite, manage and work with all your team members and clients with quick, hassle free procedures.

If you’re the owner/admin of a SocialPilot account:

  • You can send invites to multiple team members or clients at a single go.
  • Assign roles and permissions while sending out the invite
  • You can keep track of the status of all your pending invitations.
  • Resend invites easily for those who missed out.
  • Revoke access to a team member’s account.

Ever thought about how much you’ll be saving with these cool new tweaks we’ve made?

Manage social media effortlessly.

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