Customize Posts for Each Account with Custom Fields on SocialPilot

Custom Fields

Define your own fields and add account-specific details to customize posts for every social media account

Managing multiple social media accounts is no longer a chore because of SocialPilot, as it readily helps you schedule posts in bulk at once. However, there are cases when scheduling generic posts alone is not sufficient to meet the growing needs of branding.

If you are an agency or franchise that has to share the same content with minute edits for each account you handle, you know the pain well. You are required to modify each post for accounts dedicated to particular locations/owners/purposes.

As nightmarish as it may sound, you’ll have to manually find out every customized value, replace it at the appropriate section of content one after another, and even schedule posts individually to respective value-specific accounts. That’s a serious gambling of productivity!

We are delighted to announce our extended support to agencies, franchise owners, and others who go through these mundane ordeals. Introducing our latest feature, custom fields!

Now you can define custom tags for storing details like signatures, hashtags, disclaimers, taglines, mentions, website links, contact information, location, etc., with values pertaining to each account exclusively. Click here to learn more about defining custom fields on SocialPilot.

Now you are all set to reuse them anytime by clicking on < > in the Post Composer section. While creating a post, insert a custom field tag from pre-defined fields and schedule. Our tool will replace the inserted tag with a value specific to selected social media accounts.

You can even get a preview of the final post from the Manage Post tab and verify if the right values replaced the placeholders. Apart from this, users can also perform the following tasks:

  • Filter the custom fields to view the list of created fields for a particular account
  • Search custom fields based on the Key, Account, or Value/Text
  • Members can view the custom fields for the accounts they have access to
  • Add custom fields to the post description from the Create Post, Draft, and Edit modals

Note that this feature is available for Agency plans and above. Click here if you haven’t upgraded your account to make use of custom fields.

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