Start Being Productive Soon as You Login on Dashboard With All-New Widgets

Dashboard With the All-New Widgets

Save hours every week by getting real-time visibility of all important updates on dashboard widgets and customizing them as per your workflow.

SocialPilot has rolled out a new upgrade to the dashboard to offer a more productive, customisable, comprehensive and insightful experience to managing your social media marketing workflow.

As soon as you login on the SocialPilot web app, the upgraded dashboard greets you. This one-stop hub provides a detailed and intuitive overview of your social media presence through interactive widgets. It is designed to align with both user needs and business objectives, ensuring you have all the necessary tools and insights at your fingertips.

Dashboard Widgets

What can the users do?

  • Access the new dashboard with enhanced widgets directly from the web app’s home page for immediate insight into social media metrics.
  • With Publishing Summary widget, get a quick overview of Queued, Delivered, Unscheduled and Error posts.
  • With Task Management widget, identify and manage pending tasks to streamline the social media workflow within SocialPilot.
  • With Publishing by Account widget, keep a close eye on each managed account’s scheduling and required actions.
  • With Publishing by Group widget, track and manage content scheduling across different groups for coordinated social media efforts.
  • With the Publishing by Client widget, get a clear view of scheduling tailored for individual clients, enhancing client-focused strategies.
  • With Pending Approval widget, stay updated on items awaiting approval, ensuring a smooth and efficient content approval process.
  • Customize widgets based on user type for a better overview of social media publishing activities.
  • Get one-click access to all the advanced settings in the footer.

Note: Clients can manage and approve pending posts conveniently from the dashboard itself

By providing an enriched view of relevant metrics and tasks, SocialPilot aims to empower users to manage their social media more efficiently. For any queries, our help documentation is readily available.

Manage social media effortlessly.

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