Save Time & Effort on Duplicating Posts

Create identical posts and schedule them with ease from your Queued posts and Social Calendar.

There are some posts that are too important to share only once and manually duplicating posts can slow things down a lot. 

SocialPilot has now added the ability to duplicate posts easily from both the queued posts section and social calendar. This update will save you a lot of time and effort in scheduling the same or similar posts.

You can now duplicate similar posts easily and schedule them seamlessly. We have observed that on many instances certain posts remain mostly identical except for a few minor changes. For example, countdown to an event or date-wise social media posts have very minor changes.

You can duplicate these posts by going to the Manage Posts section and clicking on queued posts, you will then see a “Duplicate Post” icon alongside each post. Simply, click on the icon and then edit the post if you need to, or simply click on the “Add to Queue” button to send it for publishing.

In order to make it more easy, you also get the option to edit your duplicate post before scheduling. This makes it easier for you to create a series of repeating posts without having to upload the same graphics or add the same text again and again.

To duplicate posts from your Social Calendar, just go to the calendar and find the post you want to duplicate. As you click on the post, you’ll again notice the duplicate icon. Simply click on the icon and you have a perfect copy.


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