Introducing Inbox for Google Business Profile

Respond to questions and reviews from one place with Google Business profile Inbox

No matter what kind of business you do, your audience will surely google about you before considering your brand. That’s why most firms go for Business listings on Google.

Google Business profile, as you know, helps you from showcasing your physical business location, your website, contact number, etc., to improving your visibility on the internet. It is also a place where your existing customers rate your business and provide their feedback.

Potential leads normally consider those ratings and reviews before even considering closing a deal with you. They can even ask you questions about your business, services, and products.

That’s way, Google Business profile becomes the most important network to be closely managed. Still, marketers struggle with their profile updates and even delay responding to direct intent queries as they are all caught up in laser-focused marketing on other platforms.

We are super pleased to launch Google Business Profile Inbox to SocialPilot. With marketing on popular social media, you can now respond to all inbound queries your Google Business Profile receives with our Inbox.

So whenever you receive a new question, rating, or review to your Google Business Profile location, you’ll be able to respond to it from the Inbox. If you want to respond to reviews first, you can do so by filtering out just reviews from the incoming heap.

Mark the ones to the Done tab when you finish sharing an apt response. Apart from these, you can accomplish the following activities via this inbox:

  • Search for a particular conversation
  • Edit or delete your response
  • Add emojis to your response for personalization
  • See specific reviews, replies, questions, and answers
  • Report/flag the reviews and questions

You can do these and much more to effectively manage your Google Business Profiles with SocialPilot. Learn more from here.

So if you haven’t signed up already, take your free trial and leave no stone unturned in branding your business.

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