Geolocation Tagging for Instagram and Twitter

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by Tejas Mehta

SocialPilot’s latest update brings you the ability to tag geographical locations to your Instagram and Twitter posts. While creating your post on SocialPilot using the Post Composer you can click on the location icon to add your Geolocation.

With this added capability, you can now publish check-in posts with just text or with an image on your Instagram accounts. Similarly, you can add location information in your tweets too.

With this added capability, certain businesses can stand to gain from adding location information in their posts. Certain location-based businesses such as restaurants, franchises, boutique shops, etc. can use location information to get seen by more people and hence increase brand awareness. Geolocation tagging also serves to create relatability with the audience by showcasing event participation or by promoting events or new products at certain locations.

Here’s a short GIF showing you exactly how you can do that using SocialPilot.

location gif

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