Carousel Posting on Instagram Upgraded

Carousel Posting on Instagram Upgraded

Schedule as many as 10 images for your Instagram carousel posts with SocialPilot

Not satisfied with just a single image scheduling to your Instagram profile? We know you are not!

Carousel posting is one of the most standard Instagram content types. As Instagram is a visual-focused platform, scheduling stays incomplete without multiple-image posting.

That’s why SocialPilot improved its direct posting capability. Now you can upload up to 10 images straight away and schedule them to your Instagram profile at desired timings.

Just head over to the SocialPilot dashboard and switch to the Instagram tab. Select the account that you want your posts to be shared on.

Click on the Image icon and upload images for your carousel posts. You can select up to 10 images for this.

Please note that SocialPilot directly posts to Instagram without any reminders. You can add all the images, edit the captions, schedule even the first comment, populate it with hashtags, and more right from SocialPilot’s Post Composer.

Use these and many Instagram-related features of SocialPilot. So if you haven’t explored it yet, take your free trial and do it right away!

Carousel Posting

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