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Check out how your Instagram reels are performing on the SocialPilot dashboard

It’s the era of Reels on Instagram and everyone’s joining the IG Reel bandwagon!

The short video format has taken the social media world by storm with more and more brands looking to make Instagram reels a key part of their promotional campaigns! What becomes pivotal is keeping a track of how these reels are performing for a particular brand!

SocialPilot’s introduction of the Reel publishing and scheduling functionality earlier this year was hugely acclaimed amongst our user base and we’re taking it a notch ahead this time by introducing Reel Analytics for our users!

Get complete access to how your reels are performing on Instagram with downloadable PDF files and month-on-month comparisons to help you elevate your IG game.

Numbers at your very fingertips! All you have to do is visit the Reels tab under the Instagram analytics feature.

In a nutshell, this new feature will allow you to:

  • Access complete metrics of your reels like reach, interaction, saves, impressions etc.
  • Download PDF files of these metrics for one or more reels.
  • Assess and compare your reel’s performance over a given time period.

If you’re Reel-y intrigued already and can’t wait to check out our new feature, sign up for a free trial of SocialPilot NOW!

P.S – Reel publishing and analytics are only available for Instagram business accounts. Don’t have one yet? Here’s how to set it up.

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