Get Greater Engagement with Image Carousels Through LinkedIn Document Publishing

LinkedIn Document Posting Made Easy

Now you can Create Carousel Posts with Images and Publish them via SocialPilot

The latest upgrade to LinkedIn Document Publishing brings significant value to SocialPilot users. It goes beyond the limitations of LinkedIn’s basic features and provides a better post-creation experience.

Users can now create, schedule and publish carousels with images, on LinkedIn, through the SocialPilot web app. They can create carousels with up to 30 images, unlike the native platform, which restricts users to a limited number of images. This expansion opens up new creative possibilities, allowing users to come up with more engaging posts.

That’s not everything, the feature offers. There’s more. SocialPilot also allows users to edit all the selected images within the application. With this ability, the users can fine-tune and customize their carousel posts easily to make them even more impactful and tailored to their specific needs.

What Users Can Do:

  • Categorize the posts on different platforms by type, such as Documents easily
  • Monitor and record the exact number of images SocialPilot users upload when sharing PDF documents
  • Edit image posts within the SocialPilot app after uploading
  • Tailor the posts that connect with their audience and drive more likes, shares, and comments.
  • Post image carousels without any in-app restrictions of LinkedIn
  • Specify the document extension (e.g., PDF or images) to convey more about the shared files

Note: The size limit has been retained to ensure compliance with LinkedIn’s guidelines.

The LinkedIn Document Publishing with images is currently available for users of all pricing plans.

To learn how you can use the LinkedIn Document Publishing update, read the Help Documentation.

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