Pause Your SocialPilot Subscription

Pause Your SocialPilot Subscription

Every business has its ups and downs. When demand is low and clients are few, businesses usually have to cut back on normal expenditures to keep costs down. Subscription payments for certain tools and services are one such expenditure that serves no benefit to business owners during periods of low demand. 

But usually, it’s a hard choice between canceling a subscription and losing all configured accounts and data or keep paying the subscription fees even though there’s not much use for that tool or service at that time.

The ability to pause subscription payments for a certain time period can be hugely beneficial for businesses and professionals who might want to keep their data intact but not use the tool or service for a certain time until business picks up back again. 

So with its latest update, SocialPilot has introduced the ability for its users to pause their accounts without having to lose their crucial data.

By pausing their accounts, users can ensure that all their data and configured accounts will be securely maintained for them to resume their subscription whenever needed and carry on from where they left off without any additional efforts.

Both monthly, as well as yearly subscribers, can pause their SocialPilot subscription for a duration of one, two, or three months. Subscription of monthly subscribers will be paused from their next billing date whereas, for yearly subscribers, their account will be paused straightaway from the day they click on Pause account.

Users can pause their accounts by going to the edit profile section and clicking on Cancel Account. There, they will be provided with the option to continue with the cancellation or pause their account instead.


You can learn more about pausing your SocialPilot account here.

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