Drive Higher Engagement to Your Pinterest With Video and Carousel Pins

Engagement to Your Pinterest With Video and Carousel Pins

Publish video and multiple image pins combined with multiple capabilities of SocialPilot.

SocialPilot has made it easier for users to manage and post content directly on their Pinterest boards. Now, users can upload image carousels and videos for elaborate storytelling—all directly through the SocialPilot app.

Multi-image pins are perfect for telling a story or showcasing your products in a way that catches your audience’s attention. By uploading several images at once, you can create a more engaging carousel pin that invites viewers to interact more with your content.

Similarly, video pins capture attention with their dynamic and immersive format. They are especially effective for in-depth explanations, demonstrations, or interesting stories, providing a richer context and a stronger emotional connection with your audience.

Pinterest With Video and Carousel Pins

What can users do now?

  • Select and upload up to 5 images(in PNG and JPG format) simultaneously to create a cohesive storytelling experience.
  • Upload a single video (in GIF, WEBP, MP4, and MOV format) per pin, ideal for detailed demonstrations, promotional content, or engaging narratives.
  • Add up to 5 images at a time from Unsplash to your Pinterest board.
  • Have link, title (100 characters) and description (500 characters) for each image separately in a carousel pin.
  • Review and refine your content using immediate previews of image carousels and video pins.
  • Identify any issue with the post with real-time alerts on the SocialPilot tool.

This new capability makes creating, arranging, and publishing content to Pinterest easier, helping you achieve your marketing goals with less effort.

Note: While both personal and business accounts can post content on Pinterest from SocialPilot tool, only users with business accounts can publish image carousels and video pins.

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