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Insta Stories from SocialPilot

No more reminders or app notifications.

The long-awaited feature has arrived! You can now post Instagram Stories to Instagram Business accounts directly from SocialPilot.

The procedure was a little annoying prior to this upgrade. A notification or a reminder would be sent to you, and you would then need to open the SocialPilot app on your mobile device and submit the Story for publishing. You DO NOT HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH THOSE HOOPS ANYMORE.

You’re missing out big time if you have an Instagram Business account and have not yet included Instagram Stories in your social media strategy. Instagram Stories enable authentic engagement with your target audience to build customer loyalty. Instagram Stories are a big deal because, ultimately, they affect one of the most vital Instagram metrics: engagement. Brands can increase their visibility and the loyalty of their online communities with the help of entertaining and engaging Stories.

What this means for Instagram Business profiles:

  • You will be able to publish single-image 📷 and video 📽️ Instagram Stories DIRECTLY from SocialPilot. 🚀

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an Instagram personal account. Does this update apply to me?

No. Instagram personal accounts will still receive mobile notifications before publishing Stories. Direct publishing is currently only available for Instagram Business profiles.

Can I share Stories with multiple images?

Instagram Business accounts can only publish a single image or video at the moment. If you wish to share Stories containing multiple images and/or videos, you must create multiple Stories. For instance, you would need to create 10 individual Stories if you wanted to post 10 different images.

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