SocialPilot Introduces TikTok Reminders Scheduling

  • Tejas Mehta

  • Dec 16, 2019
SocialPilot Introduces TikTok Reminders Scheduling

With this update, SocialPilot becomes the first social media management tool that enables you to link your TikTok account and add reminders to post your content on your TikTok profile. This update helps social media marketers to expand their brand reach on TikTok. 

Simplifying TikTok Reminder Scheduling

To create your TikTok posts on SocialPilot, you’ll have to first connect your TikTok accounts with your SocialPilot account. Once your TikTok accounts are connected, you’ll also need to install the SocialPilot app and the TikTok app on your phone to get reminders and publish your scheduled videos. This is necessary because TikTok currently doesn’t allow third-party apps to directly post videos to its platform.

Once all your accounts are connected, you can create a post – video or image with text and hashtags, select the right account, and either share it right now or schedule it for later. The in-built content calendar provides you a bird’s eye view of the weekly/monthly posts’ schedule for each account and makes changes when required.

After scheduling all the posts, you will receive a push notification reminder from the SocialPilot app on your phone at the scheduled time to publish the same.

Login to your account or activate your trial to start scheduling posts on TikTok.

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