Schedule posts quicker with pre-set time intervals!

Schedule posts quicker with pre-set time intervals!

Drag, Drop and Schedule like never before!

If you’re managing a brand that churns out hundreds of social media posts every week, then you’re no stranger to the boon that is Scheduling.

It helps you pre-plan your social media strategy, get your calendars in place and save a lot of time in helping optimize your experience.

And we’re not stopping there…!

Our latest feature on SocialPilot will allow you to drag and drop posts on your daily and weekly Social Media calendars with 4 specific time slot options in an hour at 15 min gaps.

Here’s how simple it is:

Granular time slots

Not only does this save you from the seemingly endless cycle of editing and rescheduling, it also helps you organize your calendar better.

We’re confident that this is going to end up being a really popular feature amongst our users and we’d love for you to know more about it here.

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