Collaborate better with ‘Comments’ feature on SocialPilot

Comments feature

Now, collaborate more effectively with your team and clients on SocialPilot!

Ever find yourself in situations where you have sent multiple posts for client approval and there is feedback coming in bits and pieces? Or found yourself wishing there was a better way to communicate with the client for all their social media needs?

We all have! And keeping team collaboration as the crux of the problem at hand, we’ve come up with a simple solution.

With our latest feature on SocialPilot, you can now add comments to any social media post on the SocialPilot calendar: Be it a social media manager, copywriter or the client. The feature is designed to fill the gaps in communication and ensure better collaboration amongst team members.

Comments on Posts help open up a line of communication for each individual social media post thus making processes like approvals or feedback much more streamlined. You also have the option of keeping your comments just to the internal team without involving the client at all.

In a nutshell, this new’ feature on SocialPilot will:

  • Allow users (Agency, Team or Client) to leave specific comments on posts on SocialPilot viz-a-viz approval, feedback or other communications.
  • Allow users to tag specific team members in comments.
  • Allow internal communication without the client with the help of the Teams tab.

Long story short – with SocialPilot, communicating with your team and clients for your social media activity is about to become a lot easier.

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