Ensure Clarity and Precision as You View Analytics Reports in The Local Timezone

View Analytics Reports in The Local Timezone

Export reports in local timezones with timezone-specific data insights

Now, instead of grappling with the confusion of converting times from Pacific Standard Time (PST), the analytics dashboard will automatically sync with the time zone you’re in. This means when checking analytics, including engagement stats or post-performance at the end of a workday, all the data will be aligned with the local timezone.

This update simplifies the task, data more accessible, and the social media strategy more effective. This way, achieving global reach on social media doesn’t mean compromising on local relevance and convenience.

Timezone analytics

What users can do now?

  • Easily access Facebook and Instagram analytics automatically in local timezones.
  • Get uniformity in time zones for scheduled, downloaded, and advanced reports, ensuring clarity and consistency.
  • Share analytics with clients in different time zones without the confusion of time zone conversions.

With analytics tailored to local business hours, a more accurate picture of social media performance can be obtained. This alignment helps in planning and executing social media strategies more effectively.

If you need a hand getting started with this new feature or have any questions, the help documentation is just a click away.

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